Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stopping by for a minute to give an update.

Hi all, I just have a few minutes so I thought I would stop by and leave a post for today. This week has been crazy but fun. Like I mentioned in my last post my sister is here in from TX this week. I have been hanging out with her over at my parents house.
On Monday I got over to my parents in the afternoon and I set up our Tent in mom and dads back yard and blew up the air mattresses and got everything inside of the tent ready for a camp out in the back yard. It was so hot mid 90's I would say. As soon as I got all that stuff up I jumped into the swimming pool and stayed in there with the kids for over an hour then got ready to take Princess to her ball game. The ball game was at 6pm but she had to be there by 5:30pm The game ended around 8pm. Princesses team won. After the game we came home got DH ready for work and packed up a few more things then headed back to my parents house for the sleep over in the tent.
Tuesday I spent all morning and afternoon with my sister, her girls and my parents. Swimming in the pool and just talking. Around 4:30pm I loaded up the boys(girls stayed with grandma) and my sister and her 13 month old into the van and came back to my town, dropped my sister and her baby off over at My Grandparents house so she could visit with them and came home feed the boys and woke up DH and Got Mr Man over to his baseball game. It was another hot day so my Grandma told me to drop Little Man off at her house so he didn't have to sit out in that heat during Mr Man's game so I did that also. Mr Man's team won there game. After the game we stopped by home had Mr Man change out of the hot ball uniform and took off over Grandma's house to pick up Little Man and my sister and baby E. We got back to my parents house about 10pm that night and camped out with the kids in the tent again.(oh during the time we were gone at the game, my parents took Princess, Sweet Pea and my older nieces A fishing and between the 3 girls they caught 8 fish)
Yesterday, I did more hanging out at my parents swimming, talking playing with the kids and such. Then at 4pm I brought Princess home for her ball game, My sister took her two girls and Mr Man and Sweet Pea over to my Grandma's house and My mom kept Little Man. While I was at the softball game, My sister and my Grandma took, Mr Man, Sweet Pea, Baby E and my niece A all the a circus they were having here in town. They had a good time and they got in free, but spent $15 so 3 of the kids could have a 2 minute pony ride(totally crazy I tell ya)
Little Man stay with my mom and dad during this time because he didn't want to leave them, LOL silly little boy thinks he is growing up(guess he is) and he didn't want to come home with mommy, he wanted to stay with his grandma and grandpa. Guess they are just more fun then mommy.(as they should be since they are grandparents LOL)
DH and I took Princess to her softball game which was being played on a field near the lake and OH MY GOODNESS did we see a great big storm blow off that lake really fast.. Lucky for us the game had ended and we were able to stay out in front of the storm all the way home.. and lucky for my kids at the circus, even though it looked really bad when it got to our town it blew over and didn't hit us hard here at home. The game was an ugly game.. Princess was to pitch this game but didn't get to Pitch the 1st 3 innings(that is a whole other story which I might share some other time when I'm not so upset about it.) The girl they did have pitching is a nice girl and she can pitch strikes but the only kind of pitch she throws is a fast ball basic ball right over the plate.. This works wonderfully when your playing your every day run of the mill team, but last night we were playing the 1st place team and most of the girls on the team plays Travel Tournament ball and are extremely good so pitching the ball right over the plate like that they are just going to hit the ball every time. After the 1st inning we were tied 1 to 1 not bad at all. Princess had a nice hit to short stop and made it on base and got the RBI. but the next batter up got out so the inning was over for us so she didn't get to score. After she came off the field the coach told her she needed to warm up she was going to pitch the 3rd inning. So she went and was warming up while the other girls batted and took the field for the 2nd inning. At the end of the 2nd inning the score was 3 to 2. Princess thought she was going to be going out to pitch the 3rd inning because that is what she was told she was going to do.. But that isn't what happened the coach changed her mind and left the other girl pitch and put Princess out in the outfield(as spot she has never played she is a 1st basemen and pitcher and has done some time on 2nd and 3rd but not outfield) Anyways didn't matter only one ball made it out to her and she caught that and made the out, BUT the other pitcher was having a hard inning and walking alot of girls and the ones that didn't walk was getting hits.. at the end of the 3rd inning the score was 8 to 2 with the other team ahead. 4th inning the coach put Princess on the mound and she struck out the 1st batter, 2nd batter hit to 2nd base and was they got her out on 1st base, and Princess struck out the 3rd batter.. (that would have been a wonderful thing to have happened in the 3rd inning UGH.. ok I'll stop and be good :P) Anyways 3 up, 3 down. So end of the 4th inning score 8 to 2. The League has a rule of only letting a team get 5 runs per inning(in the 3rd inning the other team got all 5 runs to end the inning with no outs) so we would have to get at least 3 points while up to bat or the game would be over because there was no way for us to win(because of the point rule) Our 1st batter up struck out, our 2nd batter up struck out, Then it was Princess up to bat.. I felt bad for her having that pressure on her of maybe being the last out of the game.. but she had a nice sweet hit..
The softball girls always do cheers and chants though there games and I can't help but have this one running thought my head right now.
"Princess got a triple,
Just a little triple
T. R. I. P.L. E
triple, triple, triple..."

yep.. she hit a triple..

~sigh~ then they send her to steal home and she nailed it. slide right under the tag, her foot was on home plate while the catcher was tagging her shoulder. but the umpire called her out.. Everyone in our stands went nuts as did the coaches because she was so safe, but hey what can you do they called her out and that ended the game. 8 to 2.

Last night I didn't go back to my parents house. I stayed at home because I was sleepy Plus the plans for today are here in my town anyways.

Today's plans are for me to enjoy this few minuets in blogworld, then get the kitchen, living room, dinning room and bathroom clean and do some laundry and have it done before 1pm when my sister gets here. At 1:30pm my Grandpa is taking Princess, Mr Man, Sweet Pea and my niece A out to burger king for a late lunch but mostly he wants to take them to play and enjoy seeing his great grandchildren playing in the playland. I think I'll see if my sister wants to run shopping with me. I need to pick up some new ball sock for Princess, even though I'm washing her and treating them before washing they can pretty much stand and walk on there own and just look awful and don't feel very comfy anymore.. So I need to hit a sporting good store. After the lunch with grandpa and getting socks. I'll make dinner wake up DH feed everyone and then pick which game I'm going to tonight. Mr Man has one at 7pm and so does Sweet Pea. Right now I think I'm going with Mr Man and DH is going to Sweet Pea's because he has missed one of Sweet Pea's so It's my turn to miss one. Not sure how happy she will be about that though. Then after the games, I'm coming home packing things back up and heading over for another night out in the Tent with the kids(they are bagging to do that one more time)at my parents house.
Friday morning My parents, sister and I are taking the 6 kids to the Zoo so that should be a fun, but long day.
Saturday and Sunday I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, I could go with DH and Princess to her softball tournament or I could stay back and visit with my nieces and sister a bit longer before they leave on Monday back to TX.

Crazy busy I tell ya.. the last time I just sat at home without anything thing to do, no plans at all for the day, not even one was back on June 7th. Which was the 1st day of summer break for my kids. The 1st day with no school was the last day with no plans.. and the kids spent that day out in the kiddie pool in the back yard.. Here are some pictures from that day.

Sweet pea posing( she loves posing silly girl)

Mr Man's turn to pose
Little Man(who wouldn't wait for me to put his swim suit on) Sweet Pea and Mr Man. They had lunch outside that day also.
Later in the afternoon we added the slide to the pool and Little Man just Loved that. Though now after spending so much time in grandmas(my moms) 6 foot deep pool the kiddie pool isn't cutting it for any of them anymore LOL.

OH and Princess wasn't in any of these shots because she was down the road playing at a friends house while they were taken.

I think I could use another day with nothing to do, and I'll have some of them coming up her next week. That is if we don't go camping.. and I think I want to go camping.

I guess I have just wrote a book so I'll end this post.. I might be dropping out of sight again for another few days.. but I will return I promise ;P

Hope you all are doing well.


Marz said...

Awww... cute pics!!
Wow! you are super busy, that's for sure. I think I read your whole post without taking a breath, he he.
Congrats to the kids on winning their games & of course on the T.R.I.P.L.E.!!!! that's awesome!!!

palmtreefanatic said...

Triple?awesome job!
What a busy time you are having! I too am out of breath from reading this;) have fun!!!

Melanie said...

You ROCK!!
Come and get your button!