Sunday, June 03, 2007

This week at the ball fields #1

With three kids playing ball this summer, we have alot of ball games to go to.
Because of this I figured I would just do a weekly recap of there game on Sunday nights this summer.

A little background info to start off with.

Sweet Pea my 5 year old is playing t-ball this year, it is her 2nd year to play. We started her 2 years early so really she shouldn't even be playing yet. She just finished up preschool and this t-ball league are for kids who just finished K and 1st grade, so she is like the youngest one out there.

Mr Man my 7 year old is playing his 1st year of real baseball(before it was t-ball) He is one of the youngest on his team also. The team he is playing for is 7,8 and 9 year old. but he is doing well.

Princess my 11 year old didn't start playing ball till she was at the end of her 2nd grade year, but took to it like a fish to water. She now plays for not one but two traveling fastpitch softball teams, One is a league team from here in our town, the leave of play there isn't all that great, most of the girls playing on all the teams in the league are new to the game of fastpitch, with it being either there 1st or 2nd year playing. On that team she is one of there starting pitchers and also plays 1st base. The other team she is on, is a tournament team, who travels all over on weekend to compete in Tournaments.. This is like the big time competition teams you might find on TV every so often.. These girls are all great ball players, you have to try out to make these sort of teams out of like 60 to 100 girls at each try out. and then they only take 12 to 14 girls on the team. This team is from a big city about 1 1/2 hours west of us.. and the girls practise year round.
The 1st tournament they played in this spring/summer season they won and brought home the championship trophy.

OK now that you got the background down.. ON to this weeks games.

Monday May 28, 2007 was a holiday and we had no games

Tuesday May 29, 2007 Mr Man had a game it was his 3rd game. There 1st game they won, 2nd game they lost and this game they won. Mr Man played right field, and 3rd base. He didn't have a good night up at bat, which sort of had him upset. He struck out all 3 times up to bat. It was good learning for him though, you know that we all can't be perfect all the time, but for a perfectionist such as he is it was hard for him to except.

Wednesday May 30, 2007 was the season opener for Princesses local league team we played Perkins and we won 22 to 11. Princess pitched 2 innings and played 1st base the rest of the game. We were ahead by so much even the 3rd string picture got some pitching action this game. While Princess was pitching she stuck out 5 batters and walked 1, that one she walked she ended up tagging out at home plate. So in those two innings she accounted for all 6 outs. At bats she did well also.. walked the 1st time up and then stole 2nd, 3rd and home for a point. 2nd up at bats she hit a short ball just past the pitcher and was thrown out at 1st, Her last at bats she hit a nice shot over pitcher and 2nd baseman's head and it landed in the grass. she got a single on that and then stole 2nd and 3rd and home.. Though her slide at home was not very pretty at all. LOL

Thursday May 31, 2007
Mr Man had another game, This was a much better game for him, but His team lost. Mr Man played catcher, right field and 3rd base. Got up to bat 3 times. His 1st at bats he hit to pitcher and was thrown out at 1st, but came walking off the field smiling. His coach said "Good Job Mr Man(well he used his name LOL)" and Mr Man smiled and yelled back "hey at least I hit the ball this time" It was just what he needed, to make contact with the ball, after Mondays game he was so down on himself. 2nd time up at bat he hit between short stop and 2nd for a single. and his 3rd at bat hit one about an inch away from the fences for a triple. He had a good game and was very pleased with himself.

The weekend of June 1-3, 2007
Princess had a tournament about 3 hours south of us
Friday June 1, 2007 Princess team won. She played 1st base. she walked all 3 times up at bat, and as she normally does, she was steeling 2nd, 3rd and home. ONLY at her last at bats during the last inning of the game, she got walked, stole 2nd and while steeling 3rd she slid wrong and jammed her right foot into 3rd base and ended up in the ER needing x-rays(her coaches made her go get them, big time traveling tournament team with trainers and team insurance to cover these sort of things so if the coach wants you checked you need to go) They were in the ER from 9pm to 11:45pm.. but all is well it is just badly bruised.
This however did not stop her from wrapping her sore foot and playing out the rest of the tournament.. Though the coach did baby her and only played her when she was needed(I know I'm her mom so this will sound like a mother bragging but it is the truth, she is there best 1st basemen and the team sort of falls apart when she isn't playing that spot because she can just make plays there that the other girls just can't do the reaches, the stretches.. so they really need her there)

Saturday June 2, 2007
game 1. The coach sat Princess to rest her foot more and they lost
game 2. They played Princess on defences only.. In other words she played 1st base the whole game but they didn't bat her. So she didn't have to run on her foot. Her team won
Game 3. Played Princess the same at game 2 and her team won.
Game 4. They thought she was ready to bat.. So she played 1st base and got to bat, Though she didn't get any hits she was walked every time up. but she did mange to steel all the bases and score every time around.

Sunday June 3, 2007
game 1. Princess played 1st and got to bat, Got on every time by walking again LOL. BUT there team lost.
game 2 same as game one with the exception of Princess striking out once. and there team lost again which put them out of the tournament and they headed home

That was the end of Week #1 of This week at the ball fields.
check in next week when sweet pea will be seeing some t-ball action also.
Games for this coming week.
Monday at 6pm Princess league game(away)
Monday at 7pm Mr Man's game
Tuesday at 8pm Sweet Pea's t-ball
Wednesday at 6pm Princess league game(home)
Thursday no game.
Friday - Sunday Princess has more tournament team play
Friday Game @ 5:20pm
Saturday Game 1 8:30am
Game 2 11:50am
Game 3 3:10pm
Game 4 6:30pm
Sunday Game 1 10:10am
Game 2 3:30pm

I'll let you know how all those games turned out next week.. see ya then.

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