Sunday, June 10, 2007

This Week at the ball Fields #2

Here was the game plan for this past week
Monday at 6pm Princess league game(away)
Monday at 7pm Mr Man's game
Tuesday at 8pm Sweet Pea's t-ball
Wednesday at 6pm Princess league game(home)
Thursday no game.
Friday - Sunday Princess has more tournament team play
Friday Game @ 5:20pm
Game 1 8:30am
Game 2 11:50am
Game 3 3:10pm
Game 4 6:30pm
Game 1 10:10am
Game 2 1:30pm
Here is How it turned out.
All Monday Games Rained out.
All Tuesday Games Rained out.
Wednesday Princess team won and Princess pitched 3 innings. had one hit and got walked twice
Thursday the day I didn't have games Sweet Pea's team did a make up game for the game that was rained out on Tuesday. her team won also(though they don't keep score in T-ball but the kids and parents always seem to know the score anyways LOL) She was up to bat 3 times and got on base each time. One inning she played 2nd base and a ball was hit past her she went running for it got the ball and tagged to runner out right before he got to 2nd. It was truly the only play of the game.
Friday Mr Man's baseball game, At the start of the last inning we were ahead by 3 runs. The other team was up at bats, we had a bad inning and scored 6 runs.. So we went into our last bats down by 3. We had two outs and bases were loaded. still down by 3, This little boy come up to bat and he nails it, sends that ball fling all the way to the fences.. GRAND SLAM... We win the game by ONE. during the game, Mr Man played left field, right field, catcher and 3rd base. He got up to bat 3 times and had a good game, 2 singles and a double.

Princess game on Friday night they won 22-7, she had one hit and walked 3 times. (can you tell I went with Mr Man to his game and DH went with Princess.. LOL)

Game 1. Princess team won. She played 1st base and had 1 hit and 1 walked once and struck out once. They won 4-2
Game 2. Princess had a good game. Played 1st base again. Had 2 hits, and 2 walks. and and scored each time she got on base. BUT sadly the team didn't have a good game and they lost 11-8
Game 3 was another lose. Princess only got up to bat twice had 1 hit but got tagged out stealing home and then hit the ball to right field but was thrown out at 1st The score was 4-2
Game 4 ended in a tie due to there time limit. Princess played 1st again and had 2 hits, walked once and struck out ones. and the score was tied 6-6
Game 1 Princess played 1st base and did well there but her stick was off and she didn't get any hits. We ended up losing 11-2
Game 2 (last game of this tournament) We played the #1 team. This team was out of Columbus and has played in 4 different tournaments so far this year and has took home the 1st place trophy each time. Princess got to pitch this game and not just the normal 3 innings and then a new pitcher takes over sort of thing that the coach had been doing all weekend.. but she pitched the WHOLE Game.. and she was doing good too, I was so proud of her. She only walked 4 batters, and stuck out about 5. This team had some really powerful hitters, They also had a pitcher that our team just couldn't hit. We scored 3 points in the 1st inning and they got 1. After that though our batting wasn't there, The next 3 innings it was 3 up 3 down.. all strike outs. I tell ya this girl was just that good of a pitcher.. Aubrie was hanging with her though, She was pitching strikes but like I have mentioned before when you take Princess off 1st base they don't have anyone really to take her place and they missed about 7 easy outs over on 1st base(or what should have been outs) by over throwing the ball or the person playing 1st not knowing what to do. and at the end of the 2nd inning the score was 9-3. Princess was the 1st batter at in the 5th inning(It was her 2nd time up to bat 1st time she hit a line drive to pitcher and the girl caught it) She nailed the ball and sent it flying over 2nd baseman's head and into the grass, she got a double out of that, then stold 3rd and then the next batter hit her home which started a rally for us. But we were unable to get caught up before the time limit of the game was up. We ended up playing 6 innings and lost to the 1st place team 12-6.

So there ya have it, this past weeks recaps of the kids ball games.

Here is what we are looking at for this coming week.
Monday 6/11
Princess hometown league game away at 6pm
Sweet Pea's T-ball game at 7pm

Tuesday 6/12
Mr Man's baseball game at 7pm

Wednesday 6/13
Princess hometown league game here at home at 6pm

Thursday 6/14
no games

Friday 6/15
Princess has another tournament this weekend with her big town tournament team Game 1 at 10:30am Game 2 at 1:30pm Then we rush her back home to play in her hometown league game at 6pm

Mr Man has a base ball game at 5:30pm on Friday.

Saturday 6/16
We will be out of town and staying over night in town of Princess's tournament.
Game 1 9:00am
Game 2 Noon
Game 3 at 3:30PM

Sunday 6/17
Game 1 9am
Game 2 Noon
Game 3 3:30pm

See ya next week when I let ya know how all these games turn out.

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