Sunday, June 24, 2007

Everyone home safe and sound.

What a weekend(what a week)
Stacey asked me in a comment how I keep up with all these activities.. and Honestly I don't know. I guess with 4 kids this just becomes life.
You all know that Princess was at camp this past week. On Thursday we took a trip to the Island and visited her for a bit and that was really fun. Then we came home and got the bags all packed up and Little Man and I took DH, Mr Man and Sweet Pea, to my inlaws house and said good bye and left them there.

Late Thursday night/Friday morning my father inlaw, DH and the two middle kids took off to Gatlinburge TN for a family reunion They just got back tonight.

Friday Little Man and I had alot of one on one time and then Friday night I went to my parents house and dropped him off he was spending the weekend with grandma.

Saturday morning I was on the road by 8:30am to be at the boat dock to pick up Princess from camp by 9:30am by 10am we were leaving the dock and on our way to Princess softball tournament. We got there at 11:20am and her game started at 11:30am. After the game Princess and I got checked into the hotel and we took a nap(LOL now I know I"m getting old) She was tried from a long week at camp and I was just tired. Think we slept about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Then we went swimming for a few hours and then went and spent about 30 minutes in the hot tub Then went back to the room to watch a movie that was on TV. After the movie was over we got dressed up a bit and went and had a late diner at the Outback. Then we did some shopping and got back to the hotel room around 10:30pm watched a little tv then turned it off and talked about camp till close to midnight.

Got up this morning did devotions and went to breakfast, then packed up and checked out of the hotel and this afternoon went to her ball game.. They ended up losing it which put them out of the tournament(it was a single elimination tournament) They took 3rd place but if they would have just won that last game they would have been guarantied a trophy either 2nd or 1st.. but they lost so came home empty handed.

I'm not too upset about it though because it meant we got home sooner. You see my sister and her two little girls flew in today from TX. and are spending the week her and I haven't seen them since last summer.. So we rushed from the ball game over to my parents. I spent 3 hours with them when DH called and said they had made it back from TN. So I went and picked him and the kids up from my IL's and then went back to my parents house. I ended up losing all my kids again tonight (except Little Man he is home with me tonight) The older 3 kids are spending the night with my parents and my sister so they can play with there cousins.

I have a feeling I won't have them all week long. WE have alot of ball games this week, but I think I'll be doing alot of driving back and forth. To spend the day with my sister and then take them to the games and then back to my parents.

Tomorrow Princess has a softball game,
Tuesday Mr Man has a base ball game
Wednesday Princess has a softball game
Thursday Mr Man has a baseball game and Sweet Pea has a t-ball game
Friday starts another one of Princesses tournament(think I'll let DH take her to this one and I'll continue visiting with my sister and nieces not sure yet)

Tomorrow I think I'm going to take our tent over to my parents house and set it up before Princesses game then go to the game and then go back to my parents and do a camp out in there back yard with my kids and my nieces.. I think the kids will enjoy that. Then I'll already be there to swim and everything with them on Tuesday before Mr Mans game.

Anyways.. if I go missing in the blog world this week, my sister visiting is why. :)

Hope you all have a great week.


annie said...

Sounds very familiar! Having four kids is a handful... they are sure blessings though huh?

Marz said...

you are busy yet you seem to still have one on one time with your kids at one time or another. I think that's wonderful.
I did pick up, however, that you did have 1 night to yourself. I bet it was nice.

Thanks for the comment about the teacher gift. I will definitely rethink it for next year.

Mama C said...

Ok. Going to bed now....I was tired from one swimming lesson that is supposed to go on for 2 weeks. HOw do you keep up?

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness, you are a busy lady! I need a nap just reading all that you do!

I went to a camp when I was younger through Word Of Life. It sounds like what Princess went to- where we were out on a an island.

Hope you get a little time to relax this week.

Midlife Mom said...

Yikes! I need some caffine to keep me awake after reading all that you are doing!!! Nice to be young and have all of that energy! That's nice that your kids have a chance to spend time with their cousins, it's a special relationship. I have fond memories of the fun times I had growing up with my cousins.

Heather said...

You are soo blessed to have so much family support! My poor kids will have to split up the activities since it's just me & dh and more the half of the year he is working and I can't count on his help for anything. Helps to have dh work a set schedule. You are a busy but lucky momma!! Enjoy your one on one time and your alone time too!