Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sweet Pea's afternoon with mom

Yesterday, Wednesday June 13, 2007 something odd happened. I only had one child with me. :) You see Tuesday I was over at my moms house and I was getting ready to leave to make it back home in time to cook dinner, eat dinner and get to Mr Man's baseball game, when Princess came up and said "Can I spend the night with grandma" I said ok and then my mom said "I'll keep Little Man over night also since he is still napping" So I left my parents house with two of my four kids. I had Mr Man who had a baseball game, and Sweet Pea who couldn't stay because she has safety town this week.
Anyways my IL's came to Mr Man's game and after the game he asked them if they would drive him over to my mom's house, they live in the same town. They said sure so Princess, Mr Man and Little Man all spent the night at grandma's and I was left at home with Sweet Pea..
Sweet Pea being the 3rd of 4 children doesn't get alot of one on one time normally. Not because we don't make the time, but because she normally wants to do whatever big sister or brother is doing so she doesn't want to ever just stay home by herself, so this was nice.
We woke up this morning, had breakfast got dress and I took her to safety town.This is a picture I took of her when I went to pick her up this afternoon from safety town.
Since I don't normally get to spend that one on one time with her, I thought it would be nice if we did lunch together out some place, so I let her pick where she wanted to go out to lunch at and she picked Taco Bells. It was really fun getting to spend some time with my baby girl.. Sniff she is getting so big, Just about 5 1/2 years old and doing safety town and getting ready to head off to kindergarten in the fall and then next thing you know college and getting married and having kids of her own.. sniff sniff sniff.. Ok well maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.. BUT she is growing up faster then I like. She is just way to fun to hang around with and lunch was a blast..
I thought I would get a picture of the two of us together.. because like all good blogger I knew I wanted to blog about our afternoon out and I always enjoy photos to go with the blog post LOL.. so I stood behind and was holding the camera phone out in front of the two of us trying to do one of those self photos that always makes ones face looks so much fatter then it is.. when the lady at the table next to me took pity on us and said, "would you like me to take the picture for you" So I said Yes thank you and I think we ended up with a great picture of a great day spent with my little girl.. This evening while at home I showed this picture to DH, who LOL at me and said "taking pictures at Taco Bell, Man I need to get you on more vacations" LOL... yeah something about posing for a photo at a local taco bell did seem a bit odd but who cares.. me and my baby was having a good time. Just wish i would have done something with my hair before hand :P


annie said...

You both look absolutely beautiful and bless that dear woman for taking your picture for you, how sweet.
I know what you mean about one on one time when there are 4 kids around. Izzy gets a lot of time with just me since I am her caretaker but the others take turns and I enjoy them alone. It's nice...

Doug and Stacey said...

You are both so beautiful and have the same blue eyes! Having just one of your kids around at time is so much more fun isn't it. Their personalities really come out and they really open up. This week was great for us since Garrett was at Safety Town too. I hardly ever have Robyn alone.

palmtreefanatic said...

This is a nice post KC! I see the "New" Taco Bell looks pretty nice, haven't been there yet! This is so special to have one on one time with your little girl, I did this tonight with Adam as I took him out for ice cream...Actually Adam and I have been spending more time together! I guess it is a wonderful thing!

Marz said...

Very cute post. I'm hoping my relationship with my daughter will be close like that too.
Your daughter is beautiful & you both look so happy.
It must have been nice to spend a one on one day together.

BTW - the trains that are recalled are only from 2004 till now so seems like most of yours are ok.

Mama C said...

Wow! What a sweet post. Your girl is gorgeous! Look at those eyes! I didn't realize that we have the same age kiddos. My boy is 5 and starting kinder in the fall.

I love the one on one times.