Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Six (6/3/07)

It's been a few weeks since I have played Sunday six. Didn't plan on playing this week either with all the plans I had for being out of town, but since that didn't happen with Mr Man being sick(he is still running a fever of 101.1) I thought I would go ahead and play.
Mr Man being the only one playing along this weekend, with Princess out of town and Sweet Pea to busy playing with friends and Little Man just being little and not really talking much.
So here are our Sunday Six for Sunday June 3, 2007

1. What does "graduation" mean?

Mr Man... like you celebrate, like your going to a different school or done with school sort of celebration, that's all.

2. Do you know any one graduating this year?

Mr Man....NO

3. What do you do after graduation?

Mr Man... like you get to be yourself, do something new and different, you can like move away, go to college, buy a new car and stuff.

4. What are you supposed to wear at graduation?

Mr Man... like some type of hat and a type of suit

5. When will you graduate?

Mr Man... in like a couple years.

6. What paper do you receive if you graduate?

Mr Man... (after thinking for a few minutes)I don't know.

Don't forget to stop by Missing J.T. Snow and let Kelly know if you played along or if you would like to read more Sunday six answers visit the comment section over there and see who all played along this week
Happy Sunday

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Melanie said...

How cute! I love his answers!!