Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Common Sense

As as sat at the 4th of July parade today and watch the children, not only mine but all the other ones around me, I became very thankful that my children have common sense. I know my kids aren't angles and they do have there moments of doing silly kid stuff that make adults shake there heads, but for the most part they don't do stupid things.
Here is an example of one of the things that started me thinking about this. Me and my 3 younger children are sitting in the tree lawn waiting for the parade to start but they hadn't stop traffic yet, there were 3 kids and there dad sitting next to us, the dad had laid a blanket out for them to sit on rather close to the road. Just by looking at these children i would say they were 11, 8 and 6 years old. I father left the kids sitting there and went up into the yard to talk to adults. While he was gone these kids took turns rolling down the little hill off the blanket and into the road, which had alot of oncoming traffic moving at 25 to 35 miles an hour and almost got run over 2 or 3 different times. I couldn't handle it anymore so I stood up walked over there and told them to stop before they got killed. Then as I sat back down it hit me, that is something I know my children wouldn't do, they just have enough common sense to know rolling out into a street is dangerous and they just wouldn't do it. If I was there or Not they just know better.
After that I started watching other children around us and saw two fathers who laid a blanket out so there kids wouldn't have to sit in the wet grass(it had been raining all lastnight and early this morning so everything was wet) the one dad said ok you can sit down now(these kids i would say was between 10 and 12 years old) and the kids went all 3 of them went and sat in the wet grass and laid there heads on the blankets. LOL this one was sort of funny because the dad got all upset and yelled "what is wrong with you guys, on the blanket now" and then sat there shaking his head. I thought about this one for a minute also and sure enough, my kids even at there younger age of 10, 6 and 4 years old(Little Man wouldn't know anybetter at 13 months) would never sit down into wet grass.
So today I am thankful that God has given my children common sense.
OH.. I also am thankful they listen well and do what they are told, I asked Sweet Pea my 4 year old to stand on my grandma's front step while i backed the van out of her long driveway so i wouldn't run her over. As I backed the van out and passed her front steps there was Sweet Pea just waiting for me to past just as i had asked her to do and at that moment I said a little prayer of thanks not only for common sense but that they all are good at listening and obeying.
So today I'm very pleased with my Children .

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