Wednesday, July 05, 2006

sick baby

~sigh~ I'm tired, I have been carring for a sick littl guy all day long.
At around 4 in the morning Little Man rolled over next to me and wanted to nurse and as soon as he latched on it was so hot and I just knew he was sick.
i put my hand on him and he was burning up.
I opened one eye and took his tempature and sure enough he had a fever of 102.
UGH just what I didn't need, poor little guy
I couldn't find the infant tylenal I was useing on him 2 days before when he was having trouble sleeping due to teething. See after giving him some I let him chew on the thing and he had threw it some place around my bed and at 4am I couldn't find it. I walked out and got the older kids motrin, ummm Little Man didn't like it and spit it all over me, so there I was holding a sick, fussing baby who couldn't sleep and now i was sticky. Thankfully the meds kicked in around 5am and we both were able to get a bit more sleep.

He has had this fever and cough all day, so I kept him home tonight and missed Princess's last league fastpitch game. I'm so bummed about that, they tell me I didn't miss much. Guess the game wasn't all that exciting we won 12-0.

Hopefully Little Man will be better tomorrow, Mr Man and Sweet pea has a t-ball game and after that I had plans with my friend to take the kids to see Cars, I would hate to have to tell the older kids that was off

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