Monday, July 10, 2006

Boy that little stinker sure can move fast

I don't know what I was thinking, I don't let Grandma baby-sit Little Man because she just is too up there in age to keep up with him. She is always wanting him but I always come up with reasons that she doesn't have to watch him. or if I do let her keep him for a few minutes while I run someplace I make sure Princess is with her to run after Little Man if he is doing something. Yesterday during church Little Man was fussing and crying and just not a happy camper I was getting ready to take him out of the service when Grandma who was a row ahead of me stood up took him out of my arms and said, "I'll go walk him outside you stay and listen" So I let her. The churches driveway is made of stones and it is also on a hill. I don't know what went on or anything but Grandma left go of his hand and he took off running and she couldn't get him and he fell down the hill in the stone driveway face first. His face is scraped and cut and bumped and bruised from high in his hairline and forehead all the way down to his bottom lip and a little on his chin. He is so black and blue and just look awful on the whole right side of his face. I was in the service and heard him screaming from outside, I got up and went out right away and by the time i got to him he was up and running in the grass so I didn't know he got ( I saw the back end of him) Grandma told me what happened i looked and saw the cuts that were bleeding a little and the scrapes and I sick to my tummy that he had got hurt(not as sick as grandma was though) but it didn't look all too awful at the time, i took him to the bathroom washed him up and nursed him, he still was having no part in sitting though church so i took him down to my Mom(who was teaching Jr. church) and she put him in a highchair and just let him play. By the time church was over all the blood had rushed to those cuts and scrapes and stuff and he looks terrible all bruised up like someone had been beating him. My Grandma saw him after church and she just about cried, she did tear up, she feels so awful and now she is worried to death I won't let her watch him anymore. Which I don't really plan on doing but it will break her heart for me to come out and just say that, But she just can't keep up with how fast he is right now.

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