Monday, July 10, 2006

Summer Camp

I remember it well, my favorite part of summer. Overnight church summer camp. We waited for it all year long and it always went by way to fast. I went every summer from the end of 2nd grade until the end of 10th grade, I could have went 11th and 12th also but I was working trying to earn money for college While in College I took a summer job working at the camp I went to, that was the best.. if you though summer camp was fun as a camper, You don't know what fun is until you are at the camp all summer long as a staff memember . ~sigh~ those were the days.

Princess my oldest took off for her 2nd year of camp today. She goes to the same camp i went too, she loves it just as much as I do. As I stood there wavying bye to her and thinking of all the fun she is going to have I just want to up and go with her. Not because i'll miss her(which i will) but because I want to go swimming, boating, sailing, sking, and all the other fun stuff they do at camp.. Oh to be young again.

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