Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hang On Baby Mommy Is on Her Way.

Something new this year at camp, or maybe just in my daughters cabin. They are calling home before going to sleep. Lastnight Princess called me at 10:45pm. She was so happy and excited and full of joy it was just beeming from her voice(if a voice could beem LOL) she almost made me feel bad that she didn't miss me at all, but then why would she miss me I only said good bye to her like 11 hours before hand and she is use to spending the night away from home, shoot she even went to the same camp last summer.

Tonight I got my goodnight phone call at 10:15pm. there was a saddness in my little girls voice, she didn't say she was sad but i heard it in her voice. I asked her why she sounded so sad and she started to cry and she said "It's just that i'm a little homesick" We talked a bit and I'm pretty sure she isn't really homesick per say, just more worried about the weather. It has rained all day, no storms just rain. She is a big worrier and she hates storms more then anyone I have ever meet in my life. So I think her mind is on that.

She was also a bit down because they had to stay indoors for the most part of the day or so she tells me, I guess She had only been in the pool for 5 mins when the rain hit and they had to go to there cabins.

It's not all bad I guess, she did go water sking today(something she was afraid to do last year) and not only did she try to water ski, she did it.. This is something her mommy could never figure out no matter how hard i tried. I would get up and fall on my face, but she got up and went around the lake in 5 different laps 3 different times today. She had that fun excited sound in her voice when she told me about this.

I asked her if she wanted me to come pick her up and she was like "NO!!!!!!!!!!" so i guess she isn't too home sick. She told me durning the day she is fine she has stuff to keep her mind off of it but at night when she is laying in her bed in the dark she just can't sleep. My poor baby, HANG ON BABY MOMMY IS ON HER WAY, Is what i want to yell. ONLY I was a Jr camper once and I remember those night sometime tearing up and wanting to go home but when morning came and we were having fun noone could drag me away from that camp no matter what. So I know my baby girl will be just fine.

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