Friday, July 07, 2006

say goodbye to easy naps.

My husband came home from work today with some news. It seems his company is behind on some work and they are putting everyone(all 3 shifts) on mandatory 12 hours days for the next 3 to 4 weeks. Half would be working 11am to 11pm and the other half 11pm to 11am. Due to the fact that my husband coaches the kids ball teams he needs to be home in the evenings so he got on the 11pm to 11am shift. This means more money not only because of the overtime pay but because of the raise in pay for working nights, that is the up side of this.
The down side is going to stink though. Little Man will not go to sleep unless i"m laying in bed nurseing him, I never thought this would come back to bit me, all i knew was that it was a wonderful thing. I just take him into our bedroom laydown and nurse him till he is out. This works for all 3 naps and bedtime.
Now what am I going to do??? he just won't fall asleep unless he in laying in bed nurseing, only DH will be in our bedroom sleeping now during the afternoon so I'm loseing the use of my bed and Little Man's crib(which is in our room)
I know we will make, I have done it with the 3 older kids(DH worked nights with all of them)
~sigh~ just 3 to 4 weeks of this I guess, you know just enough time to get a new routine going only to turn around and change it again.

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