Monday, June 01, 2009

Memorial day 2009

Sorry I didn't get back here over the weekend to finish up the post about our Memorial day weekend, but DH's aunt passed away and we ended up out of state all weekend I'll write about this past weekend tomorrow right now I'll finish up last weeks weekend recap.

Monday May 25, 2009, Memorial Day 2009

We started the day off at home nice and slow and relaxed since we had been on the go the rest of the weekend(if you didn't read about that just look under this post)
DH and I were at home, Princess was still over at K.D.'s house spending the night from the party the night before, and the 3 younger ones had spent the night at my parents house..
DH had to work this night so he wanted to stay at home and rest and watch the Land of the Lost Marathon.. So that is what we let him do. At 11AM I picked up Princess from the party at 11:30AM she and I were off picking up her friend S.B. and then went to my parents and picked up the younger 3 and then headed over my IL's house for a picnic. It was a nice time.

Around 2:30pm we went back to my parents loaded up the van and the Boat and headed off to a smaller lake(which is still a big lake just not one of the Great Lakes that I normally head too) for an afternoon of boating and swimming and tanning and I even got some reading in while laying on the boat.

We got home around 7:30PM just as DH was heading to work. He ordered us a pizza(us being me and the kids and Princess's friend he had to leave for work) then at around 9PM S.B went home and I got the kids bathed and ready for bed. by 10:30pm everyone was in bed and that is how we spent the holiday..
Here is a slide show from all of our time on the boat that day.

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Lizzie said...

i love the BBQ scene, checkered table cloth and all :) i would love to take the kids boating!! we gotta find some friends with a boat first, ha ha. have a great week.