Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm really not being very good at keeping up with my blog posting and reading though out the week and for that I'm sorry.. but it's summer and I'm busy and life comes first.. Right, I mean if I wasn't out living life what would I have to post about anyways LOL..

This weekend Friday started off slow... Princess had spent the night with a friend Thursday night so she was gone all Friday morning, DH had worked Thursday night so he was in bed sleeping Friday morning... So that left me and the 3 younger kids.. They played outside a bit and got board.. Mr Man came in the house and I heard the water running in the kitchen so I just yelled to him, "what are you doing" he responded "I have nothing to do so I'm washing the dishes" WOW ok my 9 year old son is doing my dishes and I didn't even ask him too.. I didn't want to mess with his program so I stayed out of the kitchen.. I saw when he dried them all and placed them all on the dinning room table because he didn't know where they went and once he was done I put them away.. He made me so happy.. While he was doing that Sweet Pea and Little Man came in the house.. and I hear Sweet Pea whining "awwwwwwwww that's no fair why does he get to do the dishes and we don't get to do anything" Well Ok you want something to do.. I got some cleaning stuff out and put Sweet Pea and Mr Man in the bathroom where I set them up to scrub the toilet and the bathtub.. LOL I tell ya they thought it was better then an amusement park the way they were acting all excited about cleaning the bathroom LOL..
One drawl back I found later in the evening was that on Thursday I had a brand new never open, never used bottle of dish soap, which should have lasted me forever since we have a dishwasher, but Mr Man washed the dishes by hand and I wasn't thinking to share with him how to use the dish soap correctly, he has ever only see me use it if I needed something quickly that was dirty so I would just put a tad on that plate or whatever and wash it that way.. So that is what he did with every thing.. and this is what my brand new bottle of dish soap looked like when he was done.

Friday late afternoon, Princess was home and DH woke up.. DH took princess out to the softball field and warmed her up with pitching and such.. She was going to play in her 1st softball game Friday night since breaking her toe and she hadn't touched a ball or glove or bat in that whole time.. When they got back DH took Mr Man over to the baseball field and worked with him also.. When they came home we had an early dinner and by 5:30pm we were all off running for ball.. DH took Princess to the 1st game of her weekend tournament(she was playing as a pick up player since the stingrays team coaches got in a fight while Princess was hurt and the whole team split up.. but Princess likes the girls and coaches on this team and they like her so we think she will play out the rest the season with them, think that is like only 4 more tournaments, they are not a power house nationally ranked team like she has been playing on but since she missed half the season because of her toe and now her team split up she is happy just to be playing this summer, though I don't think they will be bring home trophy after trophy like her team did last summer.) While DH and Princess was at her game.. I dropped Sweet Pea and Little Man off at my grandma's because they didn't want to spend 2 1/2 hours at the baseball field, and that is where I was heading to watch Mr Man's game.. Neither Princess or Mr Man won there games but they had fun.. Mr Man's game ended in a tie and was called because of the time limit which was ok with me because it was already pushing 9pm and we got there at 5:30pm I forgot to take the camera with me to his game but I had my cell phone so here are the pics I took with it of Mr. Mans game.
After the game Mr Man went and spent the night with my grandpa and Sweet pea and Little Man came home with me, when we got home DH and Princess was already home.. I got the kids cleaned up and to bed.
Mr Man went fishing with my dad and Grandpa bright and early out on dads boat. The rest of us left the house at 11AM went to my parents house dropped off Sweet Pea and Little Man because they wanted to swim and play with friends over watching there big sister play ball.. Then we were off to the ball park Princess had two games one at 2pm and one at 5pm. My in laws came to the games in between the games we did a picnic lunch and had a good time.. though the 1st game it was extremely hot and I got a sun burn but during the 2nd game the temps dropped and we sat in the rain watching the game and it was so cold. Here are the pictures from Saturday.

I woke up and the room wouldn't stop spinning I got dress and tried to keep going at it.. but I was so dizzy that I ended up throwing up at that point I knew I wasn't going any where that morning so I climbed back into bed.. I called my mom and she took the kids back home with her after church and kept them over night again..
Princess had one more game which they lost, DH took her to that.. Here are the pictures..
After she got home she got dressed and played on the computer a bit.. He and her left for youth group that evening.. I just stayed in bed the whole day.. I did wake up to try to eat something for lunch but didn't feel like eating after a bit or two.. and then I tried a little something for dinner.. I think I slept till 11:30AM then was back to sleep by 12:30pm slept till 4:30pm was back to sleep by 6pm At that time I went and sat out in the yard with DH for an hour and then I went back to bed at 10pm and slept till 9AM this morning.. Don't know what it was that I had but I didn't feel well at all, Thankfully I woke up this morning and felt fine.
So that was my weekend.. How was yours.. hope you all had an enjoyable weekend.
As a parting gift.. I thought i would show you this cute little 4 week old pug puppy.. My In laws just bought her.. can't bring her home for a few more weeks.. but this is there new dog..

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Lizzie said...

awww, i grew up with a pup brother named Otis. your pup is a cutie! loved all the baseball pictures :)

Carol VR said...

Can't wait to see more pics of the baby pug and I sooo loved the soap incident story.

It's priceless what we take for granted.

Courtney said...

Love the dishes and soap story...gotta love kids.

Glad you had a "slow" weekend.

palmtreefanatic said...

nice pics! love the new puppy!