Monday, June 08, 2009

Weekend Recap 1st weekend of June 2009

It seems to be getting harder to remember what I did on Friday when I sit down on Monday to type out the recap.. Old age or just too much going on, I don't know.
Friday June 5, 2009
Friday was our 1st day of summer break... LOVE not having to wake up with an alarm clock.. We started the day slow got a little bit of cleaning and laundry done, then in the afternoon took the boys to get there hair cut(bad blogger I have become I didn't take pictures) Afterwards the boys both went and spent the night with my mom and dad. Came home had dinner and Princess went to a party at a friends house.. Sweet Pea and I trimmed up the rose bushes and got them looking better. I had a friend stop by when she saw me outside and she stayed and talked for about 2 hours, and then Sweet Pea and I watched a movie. Then picked up Princess from the party and then went to bed.
Saturday June 6, 2009
My mom and Little Man went garage saleing all morning, My dad and Mr Man went out on the boat and went fishing.. Here are a few of the fish that Mr Man pulled in.
DH and Princess picked up Princess's friend K.D. and took off to watch another one of Princess's friends play in a softball tournament..(OHHHHHHH Princess got the OK from her toe to start playing again this coming weekend)
Sweet Pea and I spent the morning shopping for a birthday gift for her friend T.N., Then in the afternoon I took Sweet Pea to the birthday party. While she was there I spent my time trimming down the totally over grown bushes in the back yard, then my mom called to stay she was bring Little Man home because he was wanting to come home, so I cleaned up the yard and took a shower and they got here while I was getting dress. Then it was off to pick up Sweet Pea from the party.. ONLY when I got there they asked if she could just go ahead and spend the night with the birthday girl so I said yes and went home and got her stuff to spend the night.
DH and Princess got home and dropped K.D. off at her house but a bit later Princess was asking if another one of her friends could come over and spend the night so I said sure..
Mr Man went back to my parents to help clean fish and spend the night .. Little Man was not himself and fell asleep early(that would be by 9pm) At that point we left Princess and her friend K.Y. stay in the house with the sleeping boy and we went and sat out in the yard just to enjoy the night. That was Saturday.

Sunday June 7, 2009
Got dressed for church woke up the rest of the people in the house feed them breakfast and then left to pick up Sweet Pea from her friends house Got everyone dressed and we all went to church. After church ALL the kids came home with us.. that is odd, normally they are going to this grandma or that grandma after church but yesterday they all came home with me. Once we got home Princess took off with K.Y. and they went kayaking, Mr Man had his friend T.M. come over. Little Man and Sweet Pea just played, and DH who wasn't feeling very well took a nap. I thought I would finish up the yard work by trimming the bushes in the front yard and that called for another shower.. When I was done and dressed it was time to pick up Princess and friends to take them to youth group.. I feed Little Man and Sweet Pea dinner when we got back from dropping off Princess and then we got dressed and headed back to church for PM church.
After church I thought it would be fun to got to the drive-in with the kids.. So I took Little Man, Sweet Pea and her friend T.N.(who spent the night), Princess, her friend S.F. and J. L. to the drive-in movies While DH took Mr Man and his friend to watch a wrestling pay per view at BW's
The movie ended at one in the morning.. all the kids made it except the boys who were with us.. that would be Little Man, the 4 year old and Princess's friend J.L. who after the movie was sleeping in a camping chair LOL.. but we all had fun.. DH and boys were home waiting for us when we got home.. and we put all the kids to bed and got to bed ourselves around 2am.

That is how the first weekend of June 2009 went.

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palmtreefanatic said...

wow! BIG Fish if thats what you call it;) DANG!!!

cute girls and great pics as usual! looks like quite a weekend!

Jean said...

Busy girl, busy weekend as usual. :)
I still don't know you do it, but I know you love it!

Lizzie said...

those girls have such cute little curls in their hair! and that fish is HUGE! i love your recaps, you always have so much going on :)