Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Recap June 26-28, 2009(camping and softball weekend)

Ok did I really ONLY post ONE time last week.. That is so unlike me.. but it is summer and I'm never home anymore.. think we spent every day last week at the pool and at ball parks in the evening.. so just no time for posting.. But I'm going to do the weekend recap and then maybe later in the week if I get some time share with you all some other stuff from the month of June.. but ONLY if I can find the time LOL.
This weekend was another softball tournament weekend.. ONLY this weekend we also camped out and not just in our yard.
Friday June 26, 2009
We had planned on leaving 1st thing in the morning to go camping but it poured Thursday night and DH wasn't feeling well at all on Friday morning so we debated back and forth if we were going to call it off.. Around 1PM DH said I can feel sick here at home or there in a tent and I thought that would me I would rather be in air condition and in my own bed when I feel sick.. but NO to him it meant pack it up we are leaving..
We loaded up the van and took Mr Man over to my parents house where he was staying because he wanted to go fishing on the boat Saturday over camping and softball. and then we were off..
We got the main tent set up and I got the taco meat I had made at home and then froze into the crock pot.. and we blew up the beds and got everything looking nice inside the tent.. and then it was time for Princess to head off to her 1st softball game.. the fields were only 5 minutes away from the campground, which made things really nice.. IT was sooooooooooo hot so I thought I would stay back at the camp and send DH and Princess to her game, while I took Little Man and Sweet Pea to the beach to swim.. We spent about two hours maybe two and a half hours at the beach.. then came back and showered and while we were showering, Princess and DH got back from the game.. At that point we set up the screen tent and I got the rest of the stuff ready for dinner, It was a late dinner but it was a yummy dinner of taco salad. While we were eating the kids heard the ice cream truck so we let them get something, they loved that. Then we build a fire sat by it for a while and called it a night around 11pm.

Saturday June 27, 2009
the younger kids woke me up about 8am so I got up and got them breakfast, while DH and Princess slept till about 9pm when they got up and ate.. We spent the morning laying around and relaxing.. took a little hike on a trail next to our campsite and then loaded it up and was at the ball field by 11am. There was a nice little playground there so I took the kids there to play until Princess's game started.. Her game didn't get underway till 12:30pm at which time we went and watched it.. they won.. she had a little break between games where we all went and sat under the shade and ate lunch.. then we went back and watched the 2nd game which we won also. They only had two games on Saturday and we were done by 4pm.. we took a little drive and waded in a river and then went back to the campground.. Princess had brought one of the other girls from the team to stay with us Saturday night.. It was still hot and sunny so we changed and went back down to the beach for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours.. came back to camp showered and made a firer because dinner that night was going to be pizza pies done over the firer with the camp cooker pie making things.. The kids got ice cream again and had some fun at the playground near our campsite.. then we sat by the firer again, the kids all went to bed around 11pm but DH and I stayed out by the fire till after midnight, then we went to bed.
Here is a slide show of our hike and at the playground.

Here is one of the ball games and our lunch time

and here is one after the games.

Sunday June 28,2009
Princess and friend had to be at the ball field by 8am for there 9am game.. DH took them.. I woke up not feeling all that well, seem to have caught what DH had on Friday.. blah..........
so I stayed back at the campground with the younger two.. who slept till 9am then I got up and made them bacon and eggs and we got dressed and started tearing down stuff and packing stuff.. all while I had to keep running to the not fun.. Dh and Princess came back and we got everything loaded right before it started to rain.. We drove to my parents house and picked up Mr Man.. who was not happy because on the way home from fishing Saturday right as they were trying to get the boat back into the drive way they took a turn wrong and hit a tree with the driver side window of the boat and now there is no telling when that mess will be cleaned up(there is ton of glass everywhere in the boat) and when they will be able to have it fixed if they can have it fixed.. so no fishing anytime in the near future. We came home.. unloaded all the camping stuff.. and took Princess and her friends to there youth group picnic and DH took Mr Man and Sweet Pea to a wrestling pay per view at bw3. while Little man and I took a nap and didn't wake up till after 7pm.. spent the rest of the evening just relaxing till I went back to bed. and that was our weekend.
here are a few pics Princess took from the youth group picnic.

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Carol VR said...

I always find Princess's photo's so funny.

Thanx for the laughs.

Jen said...

I've said this a million times, but I say it again, you guys have SO Much fun!! You are always out and about and having a great time as a family and I admire that about you! Sorry I haven't been by in forever. I am the worst! I'm trying to be better and get back into posting/reading posts more often!! I've missed it!