Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thank you all for your prayers.

Today my mother inlaw meet with the cancer doctor and found out what was going on and what the next move would be.. While yes she does have leukemia it is only in the 0 stage(our of 0-4) So she doesn't have to do anything.. It is very early on and she doesn't have to do any sort of treatment. What she has to do is have blood work done every other month and they will just monitor her to see if there are any changes..
God is so Good.. Thank you all for your prayers for her.

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Lizzie said...

oh what a relief for them! thank goodness it wasn't worse

Midlife Mom said...

That is such good news considering that it could have been a 4! Yes, God is good! Thank you Father!
Keep us posted how she is doing and we will pray that there will be no changes! xoxox