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Weekend Recap January 30- February 1, 2009

I'm going to start this recap with a little background information.. This weekend was going to be a crazy busy weekend. Friday night Sweet Pea's birthday party with her friends was all set up and ready to go.. The girls were showing up in there PJ's at 6:30PM and the party was a slumber party so they would be at our place till 10AM. There was also Princess youth group outing that night we had to fit in there. After the girls left the part Saturday morning I was going to do a rush cleaning around the house and start cooking. Then head out to Mr Man's basketball game and get home from that about 2:30pm when I would finish cooking and start setting everything out.. Party number 2 was to start at 3PM Saturday.. The party where all the family came over to eat and celebrate both Princess and Sweet Pea's birthday. Then Sunday was another busy day also.. Sunday School, AM Church, after church Princess's youth group had a "super Bowling" where they were going bowling and not having youth group that night. Then after that She had 2 hours of Volleyball practice and then it was time for PM Church and Awanas and then back home for some football... That was going to be my weekend.
ONLY on Wednesday Sweet Pea woke up with a high fever.. This game me two sick kids because Little Man had never got well from last weekend. Thankfully it had snowed a ton and there was no school for the kids. I was thinking good she can stay home and get better..
Thursday came and she was worse. Thursday was her real birthday the day she turned 7 years old and she spent pretty much the whole day sleeping or laying on the couch. She didn't get to go to school she didn't get to take her birthday treats to her class and she was so sad about that.

We did manage to get her awake enough to do gifts and cake with her in the evening but then she was right back to sleep.

This brings us to the WEEKEND..

Friday January 30, 2009
Friday morning around 6 something AM Sweet Pea woke up burning up with fever.. I got her some Tylenol and placed a call into the doctor office leaving a message on there phone that I needed two appointments.. One for Sweet Pea and one for Little Man(who was on day 6 of his fever). Then the heart breaking stuff happened which left Sweet Pea in tears crying... I had to call all the mothers of all the girls who RSVPed to her birthday party and tell them I was going to have to cancel the party(we are shooting to do it this next Friday if she is well) OH my goodness did this leave my poor sick baby so sad.. After getting the well kids off to school, I got a phone call from the doctors saying they had an appointment where they can see them both but it was in 20 minutes, could I make it.. I said yes.. even though none of us were dressed. I looked at my sick kids still mostly asleep on the couch in there PJ's hair all over the place and thought.. I don't have time to get them dressed in 10 minutes seeing how it is about a 10 minute trip to the doctors. So I got myself dressed, then just washed there faces, brushed there teeth, and put a comb though there hair and after adding shoes I took my two sick babies to the doctors in there PJ's.

At the doctors they both had ear test(where they shot the sound waves in thing) they both have fluid in there ears but said neither was infected. Then they both were tested for strep since there throats are red, but once again.. both came back neg. They were both tested for the flu which I really thought it was given the fever, pukes and the messy stuff at the other end. ONLY they both came back negative for the flu.
While at the doctors Sweet Pea was running a 102 fever and Little Man only a 99.9 They told me that this was some sort of virus but to my surprise they told me they thought Little Man was worse then Sweet Pea. That they weren't going to do anything more for Sweet Pea except let it run it's course, BUT Little Man sounded like he had fluid in his lungs So they wanted to test him for RSV. once again the test came back Negative. So at that point they sent me over to the hospital with him for some blood work and a chest x-ray.
After waiting hours I got the results back.. Little Man has bronchitis.
The rest of my weekend and the two younger kids who are sick was spent inside our house never leaving trying to get them well again.

As for the rest of the family...
Friday night Mr Man spent the night with my grandparents and Princess went with her youth group to the Winter Jam 09 concert and had a blast.. she didn't get home till close to 1AM and the she wanted to talk all about it until close to 2AM when I told her I loved her but couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. LOL.

I was going to put a slide show of the pictures she took that night here but when I do it messes up the format of my blog.. so look for the slide show for my Wordless Wednesday post. this week.

Saturday DH took Mr Man to his basketball game and I sent the camera with him.

Also on Saturday my brother came over and took Princess to Verizon to get all the information off her old phone and placed onto her new blackberry curve which she spent her birthday money on.. OH it is a sweet phone.. which I could afford one LOL... but she passed along her LG hot pink Venus to me.

Sunday DH took Mr Man to church and after church DH drove Princess to the youth group bowling, While Mr Man went home with my grandparents. While DH waited around for the bowling to be over.. He took my old phone and new phone to Verizon and had all my information changed around.
Then Sunday night we at too much non healthy food and watch the super bowl. OH I also read 1/2 a book and did 8 loads of laundry..
so there you have my weekend. To update you a bit more on the sick kids Little Man seems to be a bit better but Sweet Pea is still running a 101.7 temp. I take them both into to see the doctor again this (Monday) afternoon at 1:30PM. ONLY now Sweet Pea is crying her eyes out that her ear is hurting her.. ~sigh~ This is day 6 with the fever for her.
Hope you all had a great weekend

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SportsMum said...

I read your post holding my breath...I was praying you wouldn't have the outcome we had! Thank God you didn't, but still such a mess! Will keep praying for a full recovery...

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! what a weekend!
Hope she is better soon! Adam stayed home feeling bad today I pray we are not gonna get any of it!!!I pray you are all Healthy ASAP!
Nice phone!

Courtney said...

I hope the antibiotics are working for sweet pea now & all is going a little better

Sniz said...

Thanks for wishing US all well when it sounds like you've had a heck of a weekend! Oh my goodness, I hope your littles get better soon? Did they say how long it would take Mr. Man to get better? Oh and BTW, our son can always afford nicer things than us. He doesn't have to pay bills or taxes or for gas or food or...well, Grandma's 20 dollar gift goes a lot farther when you don't have those expenses!

Tanja said...

KC, we're going through something similar here. It stinks. Our oldest has been sick a week, first with strep, which he got a shot for, then with some "viral illness" that has given him a fever for nearly a week now. Hope your kids are better soon!