Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Recap(Feb 20-22, 2009)

Another not so exciting weekend. I do hope my kids get well and stay well for awhile so we can start enjoying weekends outside of the house again soon.

Friday February's 20, 2009

I woke up about 4am to find a very hot burning to the touch 3 year old curled up beside me in my bed, talking about a dream he had just had and he really was making no sense at all. At 6am I had to wake Princess up for school and took Little Man's temp and it was really high.. So I called the doctors office knowing they were not open but wanting them to fit him in so we wouldn't have to wait all weekend. Shortly after placing that call I got a phone call from the school asking me if I could sub at the 5th and 6th grade building.. So I said yes and woke up DH and told him I would need him to stay home with the sick kids.

Sweet Pea is off of school right now because of her Mono and Little Man sick again. So after getting Princess and Mr Man to school I went to work and DH got the call to take the sickies into the doctors.

Little Man tested positive for the flu and the rechecked Sweet Pea's spleen.. not such great news there.. it was a little swollen before on Friday it had doubled in size.. so now we are being very careful with her. i found this pic DH took while at the doctors and I didn't even ask him to do it.. guess I have him trained well the goo little husband of a blogger who wants pics in her posts LOL.

Friday after I got off work I picked up Little Man's prescription and came home to care for the kids and give DH a break.

I picked up the house and got dinner together.. Then Princess went to the movies with her friends.. When the movie was over I was the taxi mom who got to pick them up and take them to taco bell. Once I dropped them off I made a trip to walmart to pick up some Tylenol and Motrin for myself and DH. and then went back and picked the kids up and dropped them all off at there homes and came home and I was asleep before 11pm. Exciting I tell ya LOL..

Saturday February 21, 2009

The Excitement continued.

1st thing this morning I thought I would go and get a hair cut I was in need of a trim.. the lady wasn't really listening to me on how I just wanted a longer thin layer of bangs that laid just below my nose and she cut them short to where the really look like bangs and I really really don't like myself in bangs. I haven't had them above my nose in like 9 years. I guess I can live with them till they grow out but ugh..

Mr Man had indoor soccer today, just conditioning but he was running a slight fever himself and I am so over sick kids he said he felt fine but i wasn't letting him out of the house today I don't want that slight fever to turn into anything more then a random fever(is there even such a thing?) I only took his temp because DH hugged him and said he felt warm. My afternoon was spent caring for a clingy sick 3 year old and a girl with Mono who spleen can burst if she does anything to active.. but yet she isn't feeling sick so when she isn't sleeping and she has her energy she up and running and jumping.. I had to sit her down 3 times today and try to explain it without scaring her to badly.(oh I'm typing this on Saturday)

Sweet Pea, Little Man and I did get a nice 2 hour nap this afternoon.. Not something I was planning for myself but I needed it I guess.

This evening I ran to he store for cough drops because my throat is killing me. the kids all played and then complained they have nothing to do and they sat around complaining that my parents went to TX to see my sister without them and how unfair is that and all I heard was how much they wish they were in TX with there cousin A and little E..

Princess didn't get in on this poor me I'm sick and board and not in TX act, she had other plans and outing with her youth group. A half nighter at the YMCA from 7PM till Midnight.

It is 10PM Saturday as I type this part of my recap.. DH had fallen asleep Mr Man and Sweet Pea are playing Wii and Little Man is sound asleep on my lap. guess I'll need to wake DH up in about an hour, It's are turn to do the picking up from the youth group activity..

Oh Princess before heading out tonight used mt phone to take a picture of herself.. Silly girl should know if she uses my phone for such thing it will end up in the blog.

Sunday February 22, 2008

today I stayed in the house caring for sick kids and being sick myself.. I caught Little Man's flu, or at least that is what I think it is.. icky all over and all stuffed up, my whole body hurts and my head feels like it is going to pop. I have spent my time laying on the couch and sleeping in bed. Now I tell ya this has been one very exciting weekend recap LOL. I did shower and watch my hair and after washing it and letting it dry to it's natural wavy state(my hair never is straight unless I work at it, but it's not extremely curly either) the bangs didn't look half bad.. don't like it though when I don't have the wavy hair going along with them. I thought about taking another picture because it looks better then the one I took yesterday.. except I feel like crap and don't care to get up and do it.

So that is my Recap.

I do hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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Lizzie said...

i want that dinosaur doctor table!

i hope your home is all healthy soon.

Kristi said...

You guys just can't seem to beat the sickies this year, can you? how frustrating. I hope everyone feels better soon. I got my hair chopped this weekend too. It was quite drastic and I am still getting used to it.