Monday, February 09, 2009

Weekend Recap(2/6-8/2009)

Weekend Recap time again.. This has not been the most exciting weekend ever.. With a little girl with Mono there wasn't much running around this weekend.

Friday February 6, 2008

We had cancelled her friends birthday party once again and we did nothing but stay at home.. she pretty much still sleeps the day away so she would get up and play a few minutes and then go back and fall asleep.. Friday for most of the day she was fever free but about 9pm her fever was back.. While I stayed home with Sweet Pea and Little Man, DH took Princess and Mr Man and one of Princess's friends to mine an DH's home town for a high school basketball game. Princess thought it was really funny to see old pictures of her parents hanging on the school walls.

Saturday February 7, 2008

I had cancelled the family birthday party for the girls once again.. because of sick Sweet Pea.

That morning Mr Man had a basketball game and since DH took him last week while I stayed with the sick kids, I took Mr Man this week and left him home with the sick kids.

It was a good game.. Mr Man's team won 6-2

After the game I was making a stop over my grandma's house when I turned on to her road I hit a water puddle (I had been hitting them all day it was 40 outside yesterday and all the mountain of snow we have had for two months was melting) and I lost all steering in my van..

I was on grandma's road and could drive in a straight line so I made it up to my grandmas house and tried to turn into her driveway but that wasn't happening.. so I just stopped in front of her house and sent Mr Man inside while I figured out who I should call.. 1st thought was to call my DH but then it hit me.. his car is broke down at the moment and he would have no way to get to me.. So I called my dad.. who started to give me all these major things that could be wrong with my van.. then he called me back and said.. hey wait a minute open up the hood, lets see if the belt slipped off... Sure enough the belt slipped off.. So he told me to stay put he was on his way. 2 hours later I had the belt put back on and could drive my van again. So 3 1/2 hours after leaving the house I was back home.. and OH MY GOODNESS did they destroy the place.. it was a mess when I walked in.. So I started to pick up around the house. and then stayed in playing on the computer and reading the rest of the day/night.

DH took Princess and a friend to meet up with some other friends, and He and Mr Man got the oil changed in the van.. but all of them were home by 6pm we ate dinner and that was our exciting Saturday.

Sunday February 8, 2009

I ended up home from church again.. staying with Sweet Pea my girl with Mono, and Mr Man who was having some tummy trouble, and Little Man who I think is pretty much better now.

Princess was asked to play for a 16U fastpitch softball team who pitcher was sick or something so in the afternoon she went and played indoor softball.

In the evening I was still at home with the 3 younger kids, DH had gone to bed since he had to work sunday night and Princess went to church/youth group.

but that was all there was to our Sunday..

See told ya.. not all that exciting of a weekend. Hope you all had a fun weekend.

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Kristi said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Heather said...

Well I guess I won't ask if you are coming to MOPS;p I can't believe it is still rearing it's ugly head. I hope and pray you all get healthy soon! HANG in there!

Marz said...

Geez, hope everyone is feeling better soon. My goodness, it's been a long time since you had a sick free household. Tis the season i guess.

Jean said...

I feel for your Sweet Pea. I had mono when I was 13 and it was horrible. It can last a several weeks. Not trying to make you feel bad. Hang in there and I really hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Courtney said...

It sounds relaxing (aside from the van issues!)

How'd sweet pea's dr appt go yesterday?

Mama C said...

Sounds like a nice weekend to me except for the sickness part.

palmtreefanatic said...

hopefully everyone is healthy now;)