Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday 13 (Sweet Pea)

For T-13 this week I thought I would share with you what Sweet Pea has been up too the last 2 weeks.
Thursday January 29,2009 - Thursday February 12, 2009
1) She got sick and Pretty much slept though her birthday January 29, 2008

2) she did wake up a little big to open her gifts.
3) and to blow out candles. this was her 7th birthday.
4) on Friday January 30, 2009 she was still sick so we took her to the doctors Little Man was sick also so he had a visit with the doctor also.
5) This was the 1st of many visits over the last two week.. we were in the office Jan 30, Feb.2, Feb 4, Feb 9 and Feb 10.
6) at the 1st visit they said it was just a virus but she got worse and worse and started complaining about her ears. On the 2nd visit she had ear infections in both ears.. PLUS the virus. This is her on February 2, 2009

7) Here she is February 3rd
8)also from Feb 3rd.

9)since Sweet Pea was running a really high fever with this the doctor was keeping a close eye on her and we needed to go back to the doctors on Feb 4th.. At that time her ears were looking a little better but she was still 103.8 in the office and her lymph nodes in her throat were swollen. At this point they told me they were pretty sure she had Mono. here she is on Feb 4, 200910) Also on February 4.. Sweet Pea lost her 1st top front tooth. it wasn't her 1st lost tooth but it was the 1st of the 2 front teeth to fall out.. she was not in the mood for a while to smile for me to get a picture of it, she was just one very sick little girl so I waited until Saturday February 7th, 2008 to get the missing tooth picture. 11) I was able to get these pictures because after 12 days of running a high fever on Feb 7th her fever broke and she wasn't feeling so awful, still lifeless but not awful.. She went all Saturday morning and afternoon with no fever and then Saturday night had a fever of 101.9 which was still much lower then she was running.
12) She woke up Sunday February 8 with no fever and thankfully she hasn't ran a fever since. On Monday February 9, she was able to go back to school she had been out since January 27. But she had a 1:30 doctor appt. It was a follow up PLUS her 7 year check up. On the check up part she is now 45 lbs which is the 24% and 47 in. which puts her in the 37% for height. on the sick stuff, they said since her fever had broke she is on the mend, and her ears are cleared up.
Only when we got home at 2:30pm she passed out and slept till 7:30pm then woke up and was back to sleep by 9pm and slept without waking up till 10:30am Tuesday. So she was still really tired and still sleeping alot. Here is a picture of her Monday Feb 9, 2009 in the afternoon after we got back from the doctors.

13) she has been sleeping ALOT... So I called the doctor to see if maybe school was over doing it still, I just wasn't sure.. He said I could start her back slowly just use my judgement, he gave her a note letting the school know and also said no gym. But he also wanted more test run. I had let Sweet Pea sleep until she woke up on Tuesday Feb 10 (which was 10:30AM) and then took her to school at 11am when she got home at 3:30pm I had to take her over to the hospital for the blood work that the doctor wanted done we were in the waiting room for 1hour and 45 minutes and out of that time she slept on my lap for 1 1/2 hours and she was none to thrilled with the nurses waking her up to drawl her blood~sigh~ . We don't have the results yet because they had to be sent to a different lab. Wednesday Feb 11, she went to her 1st whole day of school, and seemed ok just a little tired when she got home she laid down and watched tv but didn't' sleep until 8:30pm when she went to bed.. Only today Thursday Feb 12, she was still really really tired when it was time to wake up for school so I let her sleep again she ended up sleeping till 10:30am again so she went to school at 11am tonight she seemed ok rested a bit but didn't sleep.. Tomorrow we are hoping for a full day of school.

So there you have it, how Sweet Pea spent the last two weeks.

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Fantastagirl said...

I hope she is feeling better and soon - it's not fun when they are sick! And Mono really can wipe them out!

marky said...

Poor baby! glad she is on the mend!

melanie said...

Poor Sweet Pea. Wow!! So did she end up having mono or was it a virus?

I was sick like that back around Christmas time. I was so exhausted and have a fever for the longest I have ever had one for. I felt awful. I think it took well over a month before I was back to myself.

Hope she's completely better now.

Lizzie said...

my goodness, that poor little one! even 3 days of feeling yucky is hard on the body let alone 2 weeks. i hope she's back to 100% soon.