Monday, August 03, 2009

weekend recap(July 31-Aug 2, 09) & Passing on the award.

1st let me pass on my Major Award.. if you don't know what I'm talking about check out the post below this one.. AND the Major Award goes too..

Now on to the weekend..

Friday July 31, 2009
I didn't do too much.. earlier in the week I went and saw the doctor for my foot/ankle and now I"m in an air cast and on an anti inflammatory and pain meds.
So I have been staying off my foot when I can.
Friday I cleaned the house and did laundry.. I went to my grandmas in the morning and helped her by cleaning off her extra bed of the cloths she has been picking up for my kids while out garage saleing this summer.. Then I picked Princess up from her friends house and came home and rested the foot again. That night Little Man spent the night at my parents house playing with my youngest niece Little E, and Sweet Pea and my older niece A spent the night with my grandma, Mr Man was still away at camp, and DH, Princess and myself went out that evening and got groceries.. While I was working though the day I was wondering if maybe I could go with the rest of the family mid week to PA. like I had planned before hurting myself.. but when the hour of walking around the grocery store was done I was in pain and knew there was NO WAY I would be able to spend the day walking around an amusement park with everyone.. I would hold them up and also be in pain.. So I'm not going.. but my kids are still going to go with my parents and my sister.. they will leave on Wed.
After groceries I came home ate dinner, took my pain meds and was asleep by 9pm. exciting don't ya think LOL..
Saturday Aug 1, 2009
I"m so upset it is August already.. summer has been going by way to quick.. I wish it was just the start of June again and we still had all of summer in front of us :-(
DH and Princess took off early that morning for a ball tournament.. Yes last weekend was to be the last but she was picked up by another team who needed a 1st baseman and an extra pitcher for this weekend.. so she play again.
about an hour after they left I woke up got dressed and headed out to pick up Mr Man who was getting home from camp.
The Plan was pick him up, then run to my grandma's and pick up my nieces and Sweet Pea then head out to my parents where we were going to take the boat out and go tubing.. ONLY 2 things went wrong. 1) Mr Man was so tired he didn't want to go out on the boat.. So he came home laid on the couch and slept for 2 1/2 hours. and 2) even after Mr Man woke up and said he changed his mind, my grandma had took the girls out garage saleing and didn't take her cell phone with her and they were not home in time to meet up with the others to go boating.. So I did not go out with them. later that evening once they were back from tubing and the girls back from garage saleing.. I picked up Sweet Pea and my niece A and took Mr Man and headed over to my parents to spend some time with them.. Mr Man ended up spending the night there but Sweet Pea and Little Man came home with me.. I had just got them asleep when DH came home, Princess had spent the night with one of the team members to save herself 4 hours of driving time. I was just about asleep myself then so I said hello and good night and went to bed.

Sunday Aug 2, 2009
DH was on the road I think like around 6am.. not Me..LOL.. I slept till the last minute I could then woke up the kids and got them dressed for church. We went to church and then spent the afternoon and most the evening over at my grandparents house where my sister and her family my brother, my uncle and my parents all were for a big family dinner/gathering.. I left there about 6:30pm and came home where I was all by my lone some took some pain meds and climbed in bed reading while I rested my foot. Mr Man and Little Man went back to my parents to spend more time with my sister and her girls.. Sweet Pea stayed at my grandparents where she was was playing with her friend and Princess and DH didn't get home till close to 12:30AM because they were at the ball field for a good long time because Princess and her team made it to the championship game and ended up winning that 1-0 with Princess being the winning run... WOO HOO... she won the championship.. she was all excited.. and I think this is the team she is going to play for for the 2010 season. Once again I was in bed pretty much out of it, the pain meds are doing that to me.. I that is how I ended my weekend..

today I'm heading over my parent house to spend more time with my sister while she is in from TX. So I'll chat with ya all in the blogging world later..
Hope you all had a great weekend.

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Midlife Mom said...

KC you always have so much going on! I don't think I could keep up with you! lol! Sorry about your foot/ankle, I think you are wise not to go walking around a park. Once year at Disney I had to use one of those scooters! I was mortified but it was the only way I could go. After the first day I didn't mind it and kept right up with everyone!

Thank you for the nice award! I'll put it right on my side bar! :o) It's so much fun getting one and makes my day! xoxo

It's so nice that your parents and grandparents are close by so that the kids can spend the night. I love having mine so near by, they can walk here in about three minutes through the woods on the path. They love to spend the night here and we have a blast with them.

Take care of yourself and try to stay off your foot. I know that's easier said then done!!

Courtney said...

Busy, yet fun weekend...thanks for the award.

Lizzie said...

YEAH! Thanks girl, i feel so special :) enjoy that busy life of yours!!