Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mr Man's trip to camp.

I was thinking of doing a Thursday 13 post today but I'm just not in a creative mood, and for every event I want to blog about I have more then 13 pictures so I'm skipping it..

Another thing this summer that I didn't really get to blog that much about was that Mr Man was old enough to go to camp this year. The same church camp that Princess has been going to for the last 4 years, now it was Mr Man's turn for his first trip to camp. Even better was that Mr Man won his trip to camp for free. :-) Can't remember if I mentioned that or not.. but the big VBS visitor price this year was a free trip to camp.. Mr Man was already signed up for camp anyways so while he was excited about winning the visitor contest for bible school it really wasn't much of a prices for him.. So we gave him $50 as his rewards since it was saving $300 him winning

Anyways he was really worried about going to camp.. not sure if he wanted to go because none of his friends were going, sure there were boys from church he knew going but none of his best friends were going and he didn't know if he would make friends or not with anyone and then all the normal going away for the 1st time and all stuff he was worried about..

As I was packing his cloths and the drive to the boat dock to head over to the island for camp.. he was making me feel like I was forcing him to do something he totally didn't want to do.. He kept saying "why are you making me do this" "just give my spot to Princess she wants to go again" "why do you always make me do things I don't want to do"
I honestly started to feel a little guilty, but though I knew it was just Mr Man's personality to never want to do something until I made him do it, then he normally ends up loving whatever it was I "MADE" him do.. He is sort of a perfectionist and doesn't ever want to try anything unless he knows he can do it 100% right, so I do tend to push him more then the others or he would never try anything.. After he does it once if then he doesn't like it fine..
Anyways back to the camp thing.

We get to the boat dock he was still complaining we get out of the van and his counselor comes up introduces himself helps Mr Man with his bags. I could already see a little peace spread across Mr Man's face and I felt a bit better.. While Matt(the counselor) and Mr Man loaded the bags onto the truck the rest of the boys from church got there, and they all spotted him and all screamed together "Ryan" Ry turned around and a big smile came to his face and I could tell from that moment on things were going to be just fine..
At the boat dock all the boys kept telling Mr Man, come on do this with us do that with us.. they took him in so well it made me and Mr Man at ease..
Right before the ferry left for the island, I ask him if he still wanted me to send Princess in his place and he said NO.. then I asked if he was still worried about going to camp and he looked at me like I lost my mind and he was never worried and said "No, why would I be worried" LOL

He had the best week at camp, when he came home he couldn't stop talking about it.. it has been about three weeks since he has been home and he is still talking about it every day and now counts it as his favorite place in the world :)

I sent him a disposable camera to camp, but he lost it on the last day there when they went to the beach.. so I don't have any pictures that he took, but I did buy the photo CD of pictures that the staff members took of the week.. So here is a slide show of photos I took dropping him off and picking him up and what the camp took of his time there.

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