Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Recap (Aug 8-10,2008)

I had sort of a slow weekend this weekend, only time I left town was to go to church on Sunday.

Friday DH had to work so he slept all day and worked at night. The kids wanted to play at my grandma's house with the neighborhood kids So that is what we did, it was during that time that I was able to get online and get my last post posted. Man I miss my computer. Princess asked if a few of her friends could come hang out at grandmas so I went and picked them up and then they played for about an hour here also Here are a few pictures from of Princess and her friend J.L and I.L playing on the dirt bike, motor scooter and the barbie jeep. Goofy preteen kids.
After there ride on the toys they meet up with 3 other friends and went to the movies and saw The Dark Night and I picked them up when it was over and that is how I spent Friday

Saturday was much of the same, not doing much. we watched alot of Olympic sports Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon we took a bike ride and then went to the ball park where Princess pitched to me and that girl throws some heat I tell ya.. she threw it so hard that when I caught it it busted a blood vessel in my thumb and now it is twice the size of my other thumb and all black and blue, we won't even talk about the pain.
Then after dinner we went to grandmas house a bit because she still isn't feeling 100% and was wondering if I could teach her Sunday school class for her, She had planned to do it but then got up Saturday morning sick again.. So I got the lesson and got it all together and we were good to go.
At that point Princess got a text from her friend wanting to know if she could go to the drive-in movies with her tonight, Sadly I told her now, because I had planned to take the kids myself. So we loaded up the van with pop, popcorn and chips and headed out in the rain to watch Space Chimps and The Dark Night(yes it would be Princess's 2nd time to see it LOL)
As luck would have it we pulled in and as we got out of the van we saw we were parked right next to Princess's friend who had wanted her to go with them.. So we all set up our stuff between our two vans and they got to hang out and watch the movie together. Turns out This friend has a brother a year older then Mr Man and a sister a year younger the Sweet Pea and they all hung out also. At one point I had 8 kids in my van watching the movie(it started to rain a little again and everyone piled into my van) We ended up leaving 1/2 way though The Dark Night since we had to get up early for Sunday school and Church.
here are the pictures from the movies.
Sunday was church, then I hung out at home all afternoon. Now it is 8pm and I"m over at my grandmas typing out this post. and on the computer next to me here is what Little Man is doing.Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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palmtreefanatic said...

nice pics! Sorry to hear about the sickness! Hope your week is better!
I have yet to take the kids to the drive inn! Just hasn't been anything to exciting yet! I am hoping something good comes up soon!

Courtney said...

Love all the pics especially the last ones of lil man! Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend.

MomOf3 said...

The drive-in movie sounds like so much fun! I will have to see if there is one around here. :)

palmtreefanatic said...

I have an award for you KC come and get it!