Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Recap Aug 15-17, 2008

WOW has it really been a week since I posted??? Guess that is what happens when you don't have a computer. In order to tell about my weekend this week I need to give you a little background about my week. On Tuesday I was over at my moms and walked off her back steps and stepped into a hole that Little Man had dug out and turned my ankle under me and fell right onto of it. I knew i hurt myself but i got up and walked and thought I would be OK. By Wednesday morning I knew I was not and went and had it X-rayed.. Good news is I didn't break it, bad news was that I sprained my ankle and tore ligaments in my ankle and my foot. Right foot, you know the driving foot.. I'm not to be on my foot or drive for two weeks.. I'm also wearing this lovely air cast and on crutches. So I pretty much spent my whole weekend(and week) sitting with my foot up. My mom took my 3 younger kids so I would have some time to rest my foot and on Saturday afternoon Little Man came home but Mr Man and Sweet Pea stayed with grandma.
Princess was home with me this week. I mentioned in my last week post that we were watching Volleyball. Well after watching that last Saturday Princess who had made up her mind NOT to try out for the Jr. high volleyball team changed her mind and wanted to try out. She made a few calls and found out that try out started this week Monday though Thursday.. So she was going to that every morning this week and on Thursday came home saying SHE MADE THE TEAM.. So the girl who wasn't going to try out because she didn't think Volleyball was her best sport MADE The TEAM... So I have now entered into the world of Jr. High school sports. Friday they got there uniforms so here is Princess in hers after practice on Friday

In other New on Friday Aug 15, 2008 My mom took my boys to there hair cut appointments so Mr Man is all freshly cut for school to start soon. and Little Man got his hair cut also. DH was going to bring the kids home Friday night but they wanted to stay at grandmas and swim with there friends So they stayed another night
Princess on Friday afternoon went to the county fair with a group of friends till about 9:30pm Here is a picture taken on her cell phone while at the fair.. Princess and her friend K.D.

Saturday in the morning DH and Princess went grocery shopping for me . I started to do some cleaning in my bedroom(boy did it need it) Also in the morning My Grandpa, My Dad, My Brother and Mr. Man all took my dads boot out on Lake Erie and did some fishing..
Take a look at this picture that my brother took on his cell phone of the fish that Mr. Man caught... It was so big they needed the net to get it into the boat and it ended up breaking the hook.

After the guys were done fishing they gave my mom a call and mom took Sweet Pea and Princess out to do some riding on the boat and cruising on the lake. They all got back home around dinner time. At which point Mr . Man and Sweet Pea decided to go back to spend the night with my mom again and Little Man and Princess stayed home.
Princess and I was going to go school cloth shopping this weekend until I messed up my foot but she still was still wanting to go so she talked DH into taking her and her friend to one of the bigger Malls about an hour from our house. Here she is in the van.

and here is Princess and her friend K.D. at the mall after they found the Manning jersey . Poor DH not sure if he was ready to take these two to the Mall LOL...
I finished cleaning my room(which I need to add that after DH came home from grocery shopping he took over the cleaning and I rested and I was just doing the finishing touches on it last night) Then watched the Saddleback whatever it was with McCain and Obama which was really good. then went to bed.
Sunday(today) we went to church and then over to my MIL's for lunch, which is where I am now using her there computer.. while the kids play.

Hope you all are having a great weekend.

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annie said...

I've missed you! Hope you get your computer fixed soon.

Carol VR said...

Bummer. I hope your ankle heals promptly.

I'll be saying a little prayer for you.

palmtreefanatic said...

So sorry to hear about your ankle! Isnt hard to be so still for so long! Oh How I remember those days, mine is still slightly swollen after almost 4 months! wow!

Congrats to Princess for making the volleyball team!
Hope your weekend is better now!

Heather said...

Oh no! two weeks of no driving! Again, you are so lucky to have so many loving family members help you out. If you need any rides to school- let me know:)

Yay for Princess making the team. Good thing she made that decision when she did! Is she cheerleading this year?