Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Years...

Yea yea i know I'm 10 days late... but seeing that I'm blogging at all is an improvement :)
We had a wonderful New Years Eve this year.. Since becoming parents almost 15 years ago, we have always celebrated New Years Eve at least with one of our children..
Like in 2008 when Princess had two friends over, Mr Man had a friend over and Sweet Pea had a friend over and we just rang in the New Year at home playing wii and games and watching the ball.. That seems to be our norm.
Last year my Parents took my younger 3 kids to TX after Christmas and the rang in the New Year in TX while Princess had a friend from out of state spending the week between Christmas and New Years with us.. and for New Years Eve Princess threw a party at our house to ring in the New Year.

Well this year was a little different then our norm.. DH and I got to go out ALONE.....
We started NYE with me babysitting for the twins while my SIL went to a wedding and that evening when my brother got home from work he and SIL was going to the reception while my Parents watched the twins.. Since my parents were babysitting anyways they offed to keep my kids also.
So around 7pm we dropped Princess off at a friends who was having a NYE party and then order a party size pizza and took it and my children to my brothers and dropped them and the pizza off for the night.
Then DH and I went out on a date.. yes you read that correctly a DATE!!!!!! Yea I know I almost forgot what that was.. but as we got going It all came back to me.
Dinner a romantic walk on the docks(it was warm in the high 50's low 60's) and then a 10pm movie.. got out of the movies just in time to do a count down of our own ringing in the new year as we were driving home
Then at 12:30pm we picked the kids up from my brothers, and Princess up from her friends and she brought another friend home to stay the night.
We got home and played wii Just Dance 2 and watched a movie and ended up going to bed around 4am..

that is how we bought in the new years..

Only problem is we have had sickness in our house ever since.. With Little Man getting sick on the 1st... Now every single person in our home is on an antibiotic.. which I'll post about later on...
Hope you all had a wonderful New years eve and that 2011 is a wonderful year for you.

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