Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

Before hitting play to watch this video scroll down to my blog music on the right hand side and hit pause so that you can enjoy the video..
This was Christmas morning and afternoon at our house, and then Christmas evening at my grandmas.


Lizzie said...

i'm not seeing a video :( could just be my computer but i thought i'd let you know.

happy monday!!!!!

KC said...

Well Poo..
it's not there.... Wonder where it went???? Ok I'll try to correct that.. Thanks Lizzie.

KC said...

ok I don't know what happened.. I went to get the embedded code to try again, but when I came back this time the video was there...
So I guess I'll leave it for now.. maybe the onetruemedia site was having trouble before.. but it's there for me now..