Monday, July 06, 2009

Weekend Recap 4th of July 2009

WOW what a weekend.. it was a busy one that's for sure..
Friday July 3, 2009
Friday was not that busy.. I really can't remember what all I did on Friday but it was nothing exciting, I don't even think I left home, Sweet Pea went to some garage sales with my grandma and then played at her friends house and then went to a kids party from her friends church and then spent the night at my grandma's house.. DH took the boys out for a boys evening for a few hours, and Princess spent the whole day with her friend S.F. and then in the evening went to another friends K.H.'s birthday party and when she game home she brought her friend G.S. back home to spend the night which turned out to be spend 3 nights at our house.. Princess still has G.S. here and they are both still sleeping now as I type this at 10AM Monday morning. There were a few hours on Friday night when I had the house all to myself.. I used that time wisely to take a nice hot bath, shave my legs and give myself a mannie and pedie and then lay down and read.. it was nice..

Saturday July 4th 2009
Saturday was our busy, busy, busy day.. DH hasn't been feeling well for over a week, says it sort of feels like the flu. So he didn't do everything with us and some of the stuff he did do, he only stayed a little bit and then left.. but we still had fun. We started Saturday with the 4th of July Parade here in our town.. here is a slide show from that.

After the parade we went home for a hour and I played on facebook LOL. Then we were off to my grandparents house to say hello and wish my family a happy 4th of July..They were having a cook out there, but I was already invited and said yes to another cook out. I did snap a few pics a new toy my dad had picked up for when they go fishing once the boat window is fixed(think it should be done by the weekend.. Oh this reminds me I still need to tell ya all what happened to it.. I'll do that later this will be long enough)
After we left my grandparents we went back home and woke up DH who was sleeping and we all took off(DH also but in his own car) to DH's younger brothers house.. They were having a 4th of July cook out for my BIL's family and his wife family. DH only stayed like 45 minutes to an hour and then he went back home and fell asleep again.. poor thing. The kids and I stayed a few hours more. here are some pictures from that.

After that we came home not really sure what our plans were going to be.. We had planned to go to the lake and swim and watch fireworks there, but it was sort of on the chili side and DH was not feeling very well.. so my back up plan was to just let him sleep and let the kids play at the house until it was time for fireworks here in our town Only around 6:30pm DH woke up feeling like he had life to him and he wanted to still take the kids to the beach.. NO swimming too cold.. but we headed out to the lake anyways.. The kids played on the playground for a while..

then played on the beach and in the sand for a good while and when the sun started to set they did sparklers and ate ice cream(thank you ice cream truck LOL) and then we watched fireworks.. it wasn't until they were over that it hit me.. I hadn't feed the kids dinner... OOPS bad bad mommy.. So we got home and I tossed in frozen pizza and around midnight feed them all dinner and put them to bed.

here are the beach/firework pictures

Sunday July 5th 2009

Sunday morning was a little rough after a long day Saturday.. but I drug all the kids bottoms out of bed and we made it for church.. not Sunday school but church.. After church Mr Man went with my dad to get something for the boat and then he spent the night with them. Sweet pea had plans to go to the beach and spend the night with her friend A.V. which she did get to her house about 1pm.. and went to the beach.. but I guess got a little home sick and around 10:30pm they were calling us up telling us she wanted to come home and they brought her home. She must have had a long weekend or something and just wanted to be home it is 10:25AM now Monday morning and she is still sound asleep.
Princess and her friend G.S helped me clean the house(well they wanted me to take them to the drive in movies so I told them if they got the house clean LOL) fun to watch two teenager clean up the place LOL.. G.S. said she had never ran the vacuum in her life.. so I told her it was a good life skill lesson ;-P While they did that I did laundry.. and then later went grocery shopping..
Little Man just spent his day playing with his toys and grocery shopping with me and bugging the girls.
DH slept most of the day.. did wake up to go to the store with me.. and he stayed home with Little Man while I took Princess and crew to the movies
I didn't take my camera with me to the shows.. but did take Princess, G.S and J.L. to the movies.. while we were there a group of 16 year old boys who Princess knows from another town showed up and thought they would just hang with us and flirt with the 13 year old girls.. which Princess knew I was not taking to kindly too.. and the funniest thing, she told them she thought it was best if they went back to there car.. LOL sort of sounds a little rude.. but at least she knew that her daddy and I wouldn't take to kindly to 16 and 17 year old boys flirting with her and her flirting back.. Goodness there will be enough of that when she is 16.. I'm so not ready to deal with these older guys when she is 13.. YIKES... Even more funny is J.L. is a 13 year old boy.. just one of there friends.. but he didn't take to kindly to these older guys showing up and moving in LOL LOL LOL.. He even told Princess if they stayed he was going home SNORT.. but it all worked out and we had a fun time at the show.. Though I think I'll let J.L. hang around more often if he is going to keep these older guys away SNORT ;-P
Well that was the weekend.. it is now 10:35AM Monday morning.. but I'm still working at getting pictures loaded so I don't have a clue what time I'll get this posted.. but you all have a wonderful week,, and I hope you had a great 4th of July..
Got really busy today.. and didn't get the slide showed made until just now at 12:47AM monday night/tuesday morning.. now I need to go to bed.. but here is my weekend recap.

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The Wheelz Are Rolling said...

I love the pictures of the four at the beach. That belongs in a frame.

palmtreefanatic said...

Wow! sounds like you all had a blast! Sorry to hear your hubby wasn't feeling so well!
Loved all your photos! And you got a nice pic of Jelena. I took several pics too but unfortunately my pc has a virus so untill it gets fixed i cant put any pics on here....
Thanks for sharing your fun filled weekend!

Carol VR said...

Love the shirts!!! Where's Princess'?

Jen said...

I absolutely LOVE the picture of your kids in their coordinating 4th of July outfits! It's perfect!

Melanie said...

I love the 4th of July outfits- totally adorable!