Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weekend Recap July 10-12, 2009

Quick Weekend Recap since I'm behind and busy...
Friday July 10, 2009 the kids all slept in, we hung around the house most of the afternoon, then in the late afternoon I took Mr Man, Sweet Pea and Little Man to spend the night with my parents and then rushed it back home. Once home I did my make up and hair and took Princess and DH off to Princess's 1st tournament game of the weekend. Here are a few pics form that game.

After the game we got a bit to eat for dinner and came home.. showered up, read a little and then climbed into bed.
Saturday July 11, 09 was up at 5AM and on the road by 6AM to be at the ball park at 7AM for the 8AM game.. it was going to be a quick and easy ball day. 8AM game and the 2nd game was to be at 10:40AM and then we were to be out of there.. ONLY around 9:30AM we had a big storm and it down poured for an hour maybe 2. So we ended up on a rain delay.. they told us we would be playing our 10:40 game at 1:30 but by 12:30 we found out the fields still weren't ready and our game was being pushed back till 4:50PM So we hit a store and then went to the hotel that some of the team was staying at, then got a bit for lunch then DH and I went back to the ball park while Princess hung out with the team at the hotel. DH and I took about a 3 hour nap in the van then got up and watched the last game of the day. Here is a slide show from that time.
After the game we went to my parents picked up the kids and went to visit the Il's and the boys had fun playing with the new Pug puppy.

The kids wanted to spend the night at my parents house again, guess my mom and dad was going to have a fire and some night time swimming and such.. So after leaving the IL's I dropped the 3 younger ones off at my moms came home ate a late dinner and went to bed.
Sunday July 12, 2009
Woke up at 5AM again, only DH woke up sick, he has been battling something for 3 weeks now but hasn't gone to the doctor ~sigh~
So he went back to bed and I left with Princess at 6AM to be at the ball park by 7AM for another 8AM game.. Here are a few pics from that. After the game Princess and I went right from the ball park to church, after church Princess came home and showered and packed for camp.. She left Monday for a week of overnight church camp. Sunday afternoon my parents took the younger 3 kids out on the lake in the boat(which now has the window fixed and the glass cleaned out of it,though we are still wearing shoes on the boat just in case) Sunday evening was youth group thankfully it was not my turn to drive because I was beat.. Sunday night I got everyone to bed early because Monday was the start of VBS and the trip to take Princess to the boat dock to get her off to camp.
Well that was my weekend.. Monday was about 3 times as busy and so is the rest of the week.. but I"m taking pictures and hopefully will be able to find time to blog about it all later..
miss you all.. I just can't find the time to blog anymore like I use too.

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Lizzie said...

my parents had a pug while i was growing up, i miss that little snorting machine :)

great game pictures as always