Sunday, October 17, 2010

Facebooking my blog

I never seem to find the time to keep up my blog the way I use to, and the way I want to.. and I always think I'll go back and make up for this.. but I never do..
I had this idea that I should go back a month or so and copy and paste all my facebook updates into my blog, This will do two thing..
1) let me sort of keep the memory of what was going on, here forever in time and
2) give you my loyal readers(LOL yes all 1 of you who are left) and update of what has been going on without me having to find the time to write it all out..
So here ya go.. my facebook status updates from Sept 2010

Sept 1, 2010 Thinking it's too hot to go to soccer practice today, Wonder if the kids would notices if I just don't take them

Sept 2, 2010 @ 8AM Work and Volleyball that is the plan for today.

Sept 3, 2010 @ 6pm two younger ones went to spend the night at grandmas, about to take the two older ones to the football game... Good Luck Truckers!!!!

Sept 4, 2010 @12am after working and planning and thinking about this with every free moment I have.. I can safely say that after I pick up the paper work from Sweet Pea's doctor I'm 100% ready to go into this 504 meeting. NOW IF ONLY THEY WOULD SET IT UP!!!!!!!

@ 9am woke up cold this morning... I think I like me this fall like weather. :-)

@ noon my hubby keeps spoiling me with totally unhealthy very fattening but extremely tasty food this week.. Lunch today hamburgers with cheese and bacon and loaded potato skins with Cheddar, bacon and sour cream... YUM!!!!!!!

Sept 5, 2010
@ 8:30am Church then off to NL I think is the game plan for today, Though not 100% sure if I'm heading to NL right after church, might come home 1st stop by Lennys and then head out that way.. who knows..

Sept 6, 2010
@ 12:45pm must do dishes and finish up the laundry, then pick up a van load of kids and head to New London for rides, fair food, and fireworks...

Sept 7,2010
@10pm It is so nice outside tonight I could sit out there all night long.. POO to having to go to bed and waking up early... Bring back summer..(and keep this weather lol)

Sept 8,2010
@8 AM Work, Doc appt for Sweet Pea, Then Soccer practice for Sweet pea & Mr Man, and will finish up the night picking Princess up from youth group.. and somewhere in there feeding, bathing and doing homework with the kids.

@ 4pm The hubby has been called back to work.....:-)
He has been home since June.. he goes back Monday....
I'm happy.. but oh my goodness I have been use to having him home and using him as my babysitter.. now what am I going to do LOL

Sept 9, 2010
@ 4:05PM UGH.. heading off to the doctor with Mr Man here in about 30 mins. He has been coughing and complaining about a sore throat for two days now.. No fever But with Sweet Pea and her issues I HAVE to take him in to be tested for the strep.. Praying it is NOT strep..
@ 6:35PM No strep.. :-)
Now I'm off to the meeting at Mr Man's school.. Later all.

Sept 10,2010
@ 12:06pm Trying to explain to the hubby, why we need a new couch.. Yes I agree it is extremely comfy and long enough for him to sleep on.. and I love that the two end are recliners and that there is a fold down table with cup holders in the middle.. BUT It is faded, worn and every cushion is torn and has holes in them... It's time for it to go...

Sept 11, 2010
@12:02AM Why am I still awake??? I have to have Princess at Volleyball at 8:30am have Mr Man at his soccer game at 8:30AM, Sweet Pea at her soccer game at 8:30am and Little man at his soccer game at 8:30am... Yea I haven't figured out just how we are doing all this yet.. but I do know I need to wake up early tomorrow.. So I should go to bed.. Night all.

@ 12:35 PM Mr Man's team won 7-0, Sweet Pea's team won 6-2, and Little Man's team lost 5-4 BUT Little Man scored 3 of those 4 goals. So he is very pleased :-) Princess still at Volleyball and Sweet pea has softball at 3. Busy day and I need to do laundry and clean the house.

@ 11:50PM Please put this on your status if you know someone (or are related to someone) who suffers from stupidity. Stupidity is a real condition and should be taken seriously. You could be sitting next to a sufferer right now. There is still no known cure for stupidity, but we can raise awareness.......... 93% won't copy and paste this... because............... they don't know how to copy and paste. Will you?

@ 11:58pm Mr man is sick and can't stop coughing to save his life... not only is he not going to get sleep tonight.. I don't think the rest of us are either. :-( I have given him everything I can and he still can't stop coughing.. blah..

Sept 12,2010
@ 2PM Mr man still feeling sick, no fever, but he has chills and still coughing alot. Kept him home from church this morning in hopes that whatever is going on will be gone tomorrow because DH starts back to work in the morning and I still have this week left of the sub job I'm doing So pray he is well tomorrow so he can make it to school.. and that he doesn't pass this lovely stuff around to the rest of us.

@ 10:26PM tomorrow should be interesting. DH goes back to work after 3 1/2 months off and on 1st shift don't remember the last time he worked days.. Plus not only is Mr man not feeling Well Sweet Pea is now complaining her throat hurts.. hope she is better in the morning or it's right to the doctor with her. :-( In happy news I got... to spend time with my favorite twins today :-)

Sept 13,2010
@9:07PM Back from High School Open House.. Princess seems to have alot of good teachers. In other Princess news The Freshman V-ball team lost there game this evening :( 1st lose of the season. In more exciting news Princess made homecoming court :)

@ 11:57PM blah.. I need sleep.. come morning and working with preschoolers I'm going to hate the fact that I'm still awake. but have so much running though my head.. antibiotics, probiotics, symptoms days, Doctors.. I hate that my little girl has to deal with P.A.N.D.A.S. :-(

Sept 14, 2010
@ 8AM Morning all.

@ 4:38pm I'm so tired.. I could climb in bed right now and sleep until noon tomorrow. guess that isn't going to happen.. guess I'll go cook dinner.. Princess is at v-ball, later Mr Man has soccer, and I need to help Sweet Pea study for her SS test.. and get Little Man bathed and in bed early since he has ST at the hospital at 8am before heading to school.

Sept 15, 2010
@5:30PM Hahahaha i just won a staring contest against Jensen cat Hahahaha

Sept 16,2010
@ 6:20AM Good morning, good morning!
Good morning, good morning!
Good morning, good morning!
There will be no yawning!

@ 5:15PM O man :( im at Princess game and the camera batteries just died

@ 7:31PM Time to figure out what is for dinner,cook it,eat it and get some kids ready for bed.
Princess team won 27-25 and 25-18

Sept 17,2010
11:24AM The plan clean the whole house and do laundry today. Tomorrow MrMan soccer at 9am, Little Man's at 10am Sweet Pea's at noon. Princess has a volleyball game at 4:30pm @ Edison. Sunday afternoon Princess has 2 softball games and sun night is the start of awanas.. busy weekend

Sept 18,2010
@ 1:37PM Mr Man's team won 4-1, Little Man's team won 7-3, Sweet Pea's team lost 3-0 now it's lunch and off to Princess's volleyball game. Happy Saturday.

@ 3:30PM ya know a few hours ago I sent a FB status via cell phone and it never showed up here.. HUMMMM wonder what time it will show.. in any case.. Just dropped Princess and Sydney off to get on the bus.. In a few I'll be heading to Edison for the Volleyball game...

@9:58PM very very very tired.. 3 soccer games and 3 volleyball games, well I guess 2 1/2 I left before Varsity was over. anyways..I'm tired.. and tomorrow I have to drive to Cortland for softball.. and back and then church and Awanas.. I'm going to be dead tired tomorrow night.

Sept 19,2010
@9:59 PM wonderful day. loaded the van with 6 kids drove 2 hours to Cortland, dropped the 3 who were playing ball off took the 3 who weren't to a fun playground went back to watch 2 softball games, lost one 8-2 then played the same team again and won that one 4-2(Princess pitched that game) drove back home got back just in time to... wash hands & faces headed to church, youth group and the start of awanas. I'm off to bed.

Sept 20,2010
@ 4:40PM Not been a good day for my little girl :-(

Sept 21, 2010
@4:47PM one more day of this what 4 week sub job.. and then I'll get some facebook time.. though if you saw all the games my mom have been playing on my site you would think I have done nothing but play all day anyways LOL.

@6PM Just found my Ipod at the bottom of a sink full of dirty dish water :-( don't ask.. I don't know.. not a clue who used it last or how it ended up in the sink..

Sept 22, 2010
@9:21AM not doing the sub thing today :-( I feel awful having to call off, but Mr Man is home sick with a fever and Sweet Pea was having PANDAS issues this morning again and now she is feeling sick herself. blah blah blah..

@ 6:08PM BBQ pulled pork I did in the crock pot, mashpotatos, corn, mac n cheese, and corn muffins... YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM dinner was good :-)

Sept 23,2010
@10AM All the kids are in school today, here is hoping I don't get any calls saying I need to pick one up.. After dropping them off I went and had my hair cut, it needed it bad.. now on to cleaning the house and figuring what's for dinner. Later is Princess's volleyball game..

@1:41Pm greys anatomy is on tonight.. I'm excited....

Sept 24,2010
@8:25AM drop kids off at school, do a load of laundry, then go play with the my little niece and nephew..
@11:59PM Way to busy of a day tomorrow.. night all

Sept 25,2010
@9:25AM sitting at Sweet Peas game next 2 a man who has stopped talking and all he is doing is complaining about every under the sun

@ 2:30PM Sweet Pea's team lost 3-2, Mr Man's team lost there 1st game ever today 4-3 and Little Man's team won 7-0 and Little Man made 4 of those goals. After soccer the boys went to my parents, Sweet Pea was to have softball, ONLY she isn't doing well again :-( So no softball for her.. Homecoming for Princess later this evening.. hoping to get a few good shots of that..

Sept 27,2010
@12:27AM two homecomings out of the way.. now I'm going to bed.. I'm not feeling very well blah..... so not looking forward to the alarm going off at 5am(for DH) and again at 6am(for Princess) and 7am for the rest of us... night all.

@8:06AM OK sleep seemed to have done nothing for me feeling sick. :-( Thinking my plan today is nothing.. or as little as I can get by with.. this is not a good feeling..

@5:18PM this day hasn't gone at all as planned and i still feel crappy :(

@10:40PM spent my day getting the last of the paper work ready for the 504 meeting for Sweet Pea tomorrow.. Taking Princess to the doctor with strep like symptoms and a 102 fever, and then over to the hospital for xrays on her foot, since we were at the doctors I had them look at her foot and they thought she needed the xrays.. strep test was Neg.. and won't have the results of her foot till tomorrow..

Sept 28,2010
@ 4:47PM The 504 meeting went ok today.. Thought it went well till I opened my email a little bit ago and found an email letting me know they need more stuff from the doctor.. Thought I had enough paper work from both her doctors.. guess I'll be making another call into the doctors office to see what we can do..

Sept 29,2010
@ 7:45AM ‎4 hours of sleep is really just not enough.
@10:53PM God is Good!!!!! been in contact back and forth with the school today and I think this 504 thing is working itself out.. Just need to run a few things by Sweet Pea's doctor and I think we are all set good to go. Bad thing is there is already a known case of strep reported in the kindergarten... hummmmm... might be time take Little Man in to be checked and Princess rechecked.

Sept 30,2010
@5:15PM Today started the day at the doctors with Princess, Then came home and steam vac. the living room, took the fall softball shirts over to have numbers put on them, stopped at walmart to pick up some stuff for sick kids, then over to CVS to pick up perscribtions, came home made lunch, then went over and helped my grandma watch the twins from 2-4:30pm about ready to leave for Mr Man's 2 hour soccer pract. which starts at 5:30

@10:21PM I can't stop sneezing...

@11:22PM Night all.. tomorrow holds much of the same for me.. starting the day dropping off kids at school, then if Princess doesn't have a fever will be taking her to her dentist appt in the morning, then coming home and cleaning the carpet in the dinning room.. and who knows what more after that.. maybe go get my baby fix helping with the twins again :-) though I should start on the bedrooms but what fun would that be.

And there ya have it ya'll every single facebook status update I made in the Month of Sept 2010

Tomorrow I hope to do a weekend recap and then on Tuesday Maybe do a facebook update thing for all the stuff I posted in Oct.. and that should bring us all up today.. Then on Wed hopefully do a wordless weds of Princess homecoming pictures.

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Rachel said...

You crack me up. I read all this in Sept. :) hehe. What are friends for?

Katherine Josh said...

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