Monday, October 18, 2010

Facebooking my blog part 2.

Yesterday I posted all of Sept 2010 facebook status updates.. So today I'll give ya my Oct 2010 status updates to this point.. Then everyone will be caught up on my life and hopefully.. I'll become a much better blogger again. :-)

Oct 1,2010
@9:13AM Princess woke up FEVER FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st time since Monday... Yea!!!!!!!!
Now that she is feeling a little better(her throat is still killing her) it's time to got put her into pain.. Off to the dentist.. shudder, I can't stand going to the dentist.. my poor little baby girl...
@10:44PM DH is leaving for work at 3something AM. Princess has to be at St Paul for a 10am volleyball game by 9am, Mr Man has to be in Milan by 10am for his soccer tournament, Little Man has to be behind the middle school at 10am for his soccer game, and Sweet pea has to be there at noon for her soccer game.. There should be 4 of me..... That or DH's weekend OT needs to cool off a bit. We Can Do This.. Thanks mom & dad :-)

Oct 2,2010
@1:07PM So far 2 day Little Man team tied 6 - 6 he had 1 Sweet Pea team won 6-1 she had 3 Mr Man is still playing but tied the 1 game lost the 2

@ 2:23PM Sitting out in the cold rain waiting 2 c if Mr Man's team gets 2 advance or not

Oct 3, 2010
@8:17AM Mr Man's soccer team did advance and took 4th place in the tournament. Princess's volleyball won one and lost one yesterday. Now on our way to MI.

Oct 4, 2010
@9:15AM Ugh something is wrong with the Internet cable modem and i cant get online i need on line b 4 i meet with Annie doctor 2 get stuf

@9:17AM K the cell phone sent that 2 soon i was saying the stuff i need 4 the meeting with the doc is online in my email :(

@10:16AM Ugh they cant get the modem back online so they have 2 send someone 2 the house but wont b here till wed afternoon

@5:38PM Cable guy came :) nothing is wrong in my house :) still cant get online :( trouble is out on the line at the road :( so i wait

Oct 5,2010
@8:15AM Still not online :(

@6:57PM back online baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Oct 6, 2010
@ 11:09AM very productive morning.. spent the last 3 1/2 hours dealing with PANDAS stuff for Sweet Pea, researching stuff making sure what we are doing and will be doing will help her and not hurt her.. Spent 30 minutes of that time on the phone with one of the PANDAS doctors from NJ. In the 30 minute phone call I feel I have learned more then I have in the last 6 months since we found out and started treatment. :-)

Oct 7,2010
@ 11:30AM I have spent all day Mon, Wed, and Thur dealing with doctors after doctor learning more stuff then I ever wanted to about PANDAS.. and while I feel informed I still feel confused, Please just keep praying for sweet pea this immune disorder is just crazy. In the mean time the house looks like a tornado has gone though it twice.. but I do have clean carpets(that was Tuesday) Guess Friday will be house cleaning day.

@ 11:58Pm Thank you Dustin and Luke for the pretty rock :-)
Little Man is calling it his pet rock and was holding it and hugging it alot tonight LOL He was very upset with me Tuesday when i cleaned his room, I saw a rock on his bed and I threw it away not knowing it was his old pet rock. So tonight you made a 5 year... old happy ♥

Oct 8,2010
@11:58AM today was my no doctor day so how is it It's noon and all I done today was more doctor stuff.. OK must got shower, get dress, clean up this place and get the kids from school.

@8:22PM Thought this was funny. Regarding
the mosque near ground zero, I say let them build it. But across the
street, we should put a topless bar, called "You Mecca Me Hot". Next to
that, a gay bar called "The Turban Cowboy" and next to that, a pork-rib
restaurant called "Iraq o' Ribs"? And a check cashing center called
......"Iran out of money" Lets see ...who's really tolerant! Repost if you

@11:14PM I'm sleepy... guess it's time for bed. I'm going to Princess's volleyball tourny tomorrow, DH is working, mom is taking the kids to soccer, then DH should be home to get Sweet Pea to softball and I may be back before Mr man does the putt, pass, Kick thing, but I really have no idea how long the v-ball will take.. Happy Saturday ya'll.

Oct 9,2010
@6:08PM Back from Rocky River.. Princess's v-ball team took 3rd. As for kids and soccer Sweet pea's team lost 1-4 and Little Man's team tied 3-3 he had 1 goal. Mr Man skipped soccer to go fishing on dad's boat today came home with 27 fish, now I'm off to go watch him at the football field... Later all.

@11:40PM Can't keep my eyes open any longer.... Good Night.

Oct 10,2010
@7:06PM Church, pumpkin patch, Lighthouse, Lake Side, Church, now dinner and in a bit a fire out in the yard to end the weekend.

Oct 11,2010
@11am I think I'm taking a break from loading photos for a hour or so :-) I still have the photos from the volleyball tournament, the punt,pass kick thing, and from our outing yesterday afternoon.. but I'm thinking I should go eat breakfast seeing how it's almost lunch time.

@12:28PM There has been reported a case of strep IN SWEET PEA'S CLASS ROOM.... I'm so scared for her :-( Since the child isn't in school today and it's Monday and the class has been empty all weekend, I'm not pulling her out of school at the moment, but if anyone ends up sick at all this week in her class I'll have to. Please keep her in your prayers.

Oct 12,2010
@ 8:19AM nothing like getting woke up at 1am by a crying 14 year old with a toothache. Still trying to reach the dentist with no luck, thought they opened at 8am. :-( Not only is she sitting here in Pain but she is worrying like crazy that she won't get to school in time to play in her volleyball game tonight.

@2:30PM I hate when a day doesn't go as planned.. I don't know why it bugs me seeing how most of my days Never goes as planned.. that being said.. here I sit not having gotten a thing done today, just being the Mom taxi back and forth all day long to school and doctors and dentist.. and it's about time to go get kids and head... to a volleyball game..maybe I should cook something quick so when DH gets home he can eat.

@8:26PM Freshman girls kicked butt in Shelby tonight... Way to go ladies. :-)
Tomorrow 8am speech for Little Man and then school for all 4 kids, 1pm dentist appt for Princess.(yes two days in row) So more running tomorrow but hopefully not as much as today.

Oct 13,2010
@10:48AM eating a early lunch, then off to my brothers to love on the twins, then taking Princess to the dentist.. later all

@10:09PM I'm on the ball tonight! I got DH's lunch packed 4 work. I looked at the kids lunch menu saw Sweet Pea & Little Man didn't like what they were having tomorrow. I got there lunches all packed up thinking how nice it will be not to have to worry about that in the morning.. Then it hit me.THEY WON'T be at school 4 lunch they ...will be at the dentist & I promised them McD's if they were good ~Sigh~ anyone want some PB & J's

Oct 14,2010
@11:04AM woke up with the worse back pain I have ever felt, it is so hard to move.. Icy hot, a heating pad and Alive were my best friends this morning.. OH my goodness just typing that makes me feel Old. It still hurts but I'm able to move a little. This I think came from sleeping in a bed with both Little Man & Sweet Pea.. OUCH...

@11:21AM Beside not being able to move without pain, driving to school was awful every time i had to use the break it sent sharp pain into my back. My sweet 5 year old says "I know what will help mommy" then he closes his eyes and said "Dear Jesus make mommy's back not hurt and don't let her die, Amen" :-) think he got the die part from me yelling "ouch I think I'm going to die if i have to use the break one more time" :-)

@7:57PM no school tomorrow, so all my children have left me tonight. Still don't get to sleep in though, Sweet Pea has a dentist appt in the morning for some work to be done.. OH MY.. So not looking forward to that.. Pray she is having a good day tomorrow or this could get interesting.

Oct 15,2010
@10:44AM Dentist went fine.. now she is back at her friends playing happily. Think Mr Man is having someone over tonight.. as for me not much planned just trying to get the house in order today..

@2:55PM I just don't feel like doing house work anymore today.. too bad it's not done yet guess it's going to wait because I'm done.

@3:29PM Way to much going on again tomorrow.. Princess has a volleyball tournament at the High School, Mr Man and Little Man both have soccer games at 9am, then at noon Sweet Pea has a soccer game and Little Man has a pizza party with his soccer team.. AND DH HAS TO WORK AGAIN... calling in the grandparents again. I need a few clones..

Oct 16, 2010
@4:22PM Mr. Man, Sweet Pea, and Little Man's soccer and Princess's High School volleyball is OVER!!! done for the season.. I'll have a bit of free time what will I do with myself

Oct 17,2010
Yesterday Princess hit her head while at the volleyball invite.. 8 1/2 hours later she was still dizzy, head still hurting and her vision was really blurry.. so Last night we made a trip to the ER and a cat scan was done.. mild concussion.. Yet everyone keeps LOL at her.. while she did this at the invite.. she didn't do it... it playing.. She walked into a pole. LOL.. ~sigh~ that's my girl.

@9AM 2 youngest R home with me today. both with tummy issues and not feeling well.. YUCK... Guess I'll do more laundry and get some work done around here today,Since it seems I'm stuck in the house today.

@10:30AM ‎:-( Oreo our kitten was just hit and killed by a car..
Sweet Pea and Little Man are not taking this news very well at the moment.

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