Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July 2010 post #2

After the picnic with my inlaws. My parents took a few of the kids to the hospital to see my brother, his wife and the new babies.
This is my brothers wife E, and the twins C and H.
Here is my sisters dd, A holding C and Mr Man in the back there.

Sweet Pea holding C
Sweet Pea, My brother, Little Man and HLater we all waited at my Grandma and Grandpa till it was time for fireworks..
Here is Grandma with Little Man and my nices Little E.
my sisters youngest Little E
my youngest Little Man
Getting snacks before going to the fireworks.
in this shot.. is my uncle J, Mr Man, Little Man and Sweet Pea and the back of my grandma's head.
Here we have my Grandma, Little E, and A

The Firework crew all ready to go watch.
A, Mr Man, Sweet Pea, Little E, and Little Man. all the cousins minus P, H & C who were spending there 4th of July in the hospital.. and Princess who took off with friends to watch the fireworks.
At the place we went to watch the show.. waiting for it to start.
in back is my sisters husband D, and my sister(but you can't see her in this one) in front we have Sweet Pea, A, Uncle J, my Grandma, Little Man and Little E.
Sweet Pea, Little E, and Little Man
Little E and Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea, Little E and Little Man
Mr Man
DH didn't want to miss all of the 4th of July stuff with the family so he came at the last minute to the fireworks.. though as you can tell he would have done better staying home in bed.. Poor Guy.. Here is DH and Little Man
The whole gain

Little Man, Little E, Sweet Pea, & A
DH and Little Man
And here is a slideshow of the fireworks well a few shot of the fireworks that I snapped :-)

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