Thursday, July 08, 2010

4th of July 2010 post #1

With the 4th on a Sunday this year things were a little turned around.. Instead of starting the day with a Parade we started it off with church.. Parade was put on hold in our town until Monday the 5th.. Which worked out great..
DH woke up about 2 or 3 in the morning on the 4th.. sick as could be throwing up and having pain(he thought it was kidney stones like he had before) He spend the next 2 days not feeling well but he is doing better now..
When the rest of us woke up and went to church DH was still at home sick not wanting to move.. Same thing when it was time to go out to the campground that my bil(DH's younger brother) was having a cook out at..
It was very important to my BIL and SIL(according to my MIL) that we all be there, but DH was so sick there was no way he was making it.. So I took the kids and we went without him...
these are the pictures from the cookout.

Princess and cousin Big E.

MIL and Sweet Pea

Little man in the background is FIL

Big E and Princess at the pool
Inside the tent, sil S, bil D, J and Little Man

BIL D, mil and J.
FIL, Princess and Big E.
Princess got a little messy.

Little Man getting a little messy himself.

DH's older brother, My BIL D.

Mr Man and Sweet Pea

My Niece Big E.

Little Man

My nephew J
Princess and Big E.

my BIL E and his wife S. We all found out they will be adopting a baby next month if all goes well... Praying that it does.
Little Man

Sweet Pea

Princess and Big E
Check out those softball tans.. and there pitching arms LOL

Mr Man
My 4 babies on the 4th of July
Sweet Pea and Little Man

Princess with my Niece Big E.

Princess, Mr Man, cousin J and Big E Mr Man, cousin J, and Little Man

Uncle E, Mr man and Cousin J.

Princess with her cousin Big E
Mr Man with his cousin J

Sweet Pea in the pool

Little Man jumping in the pool
BIL E with my nephew J

Guy with the football is my BIL with his nieces and nephews..
My BIL E, with his bil, Princess, Mr Man and Cousins Big E and J. Princess and Mr Man with there cousins Big E and J

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