Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Thought I would share

Thought I would share this because I couldn't stop LOL when it happened..
On Friday DH, the Girls and I were heading to Sweet Pea's 1st softball game of the weekend.. We were in DH's car not my van with the dark tinted windows.. We had the windows rolled down and we came to a red light. DH was turned looking at me talking and I was facing him.. All of a sudden he was looking over my shoulder and yelled at the window.. "SHE IS ONLY 12 STOP STARING" I turned to see two older teenage boys like 18 or 19 maybe even 20 in a fancy sports truck looking back into our car where Princess was sitting.. She is turning bright red and her and I are both LOL at DH yelling at these boys.. mind you she is NOT 12 she is 14 but still too young for the driver of the truck and his friend ....
BUT DH yelling at these guys wasn't even the funny part of this... It is what happened next..
The friend from the passenger side of the truck leans over and yells out the driver side window

ROTFL... I thought DH was going to die... but Princess, Sweet Pea and I all got a good laugh out of it..

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Jodi said...

So glad I don't have daughters! But you do have one gorgeous daughter, but then look at her mama!