Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sorry I went MIA

life is crazy..
just busy and crazy
You can read all the latest of what is going on with Sweet Pea over at my other blog.. which I am keeping up with better then here :-(

Here is a quick run down of the stuff going on in my life

1) DH has been laid off again.. This time they expect it to be alot longer then the last 2 month lay off he had over a year ago.. They are thinking lay off until January 2011.. Please pray he gets back to work alot sooner then that.. and that his company has work for all the workers so they all can get back to work.

2) softball softball and more softball.. both Princess and Sweet Pea are playing travel softball and league softball.. So the weekends are tournaments and Sweet Pea has her league games on Monday nights and Princess has her on Wed nights..

3) no softball for Princess this week she is off at camp having a good time. though it is raining here at home today wonder how she is doing at camp if it is raining on the Island.

4) my sister and her family are home for the summer(well home for them is TX, but they are in OH) my bil and sister are working at the summer camp that my children go to camp at.. my sister got in on Saturday afternoon(I was at a ball tournament so didn't get to see her) and took off to the Island Saturday night.. but her girls are staying at my parents this week.. so my 3 younger kids took off to stay with my mom and hang with here cousins also..

and lastly
5) my brother got married..

So those are the things going on around here..

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Jodi said...

You have a second blog and I never knew... pshaw! Off to check it out!

Praying that the lay off is over before you even know it!!

palmtreefanatic said...

sorry to hear about hubby being layed off~! hope and pray he gets back to work soon! lots going on there!