Thursday, October 09, 2014

My Sweet Pea

On her 7th birthday Sweat Pea got sick with in a week her world was flipped upside down never to be the same again.. We found out in April 2010  what was going on it was PANDAS an autoimmune encephalitis.. When her body builds antibodies they go faulty and attack her brain bring on a world of messed up symptoms this top pic was shortly after starting treatment.. Notice her cloths pandas brought on sensory issues for her where everything that touched her hurt her and left her in... pain she took to wearing things 10 times to big and they still felt too tight to her.. Pandas/pans can be triggered by anything that causes an immune response and the symptoms can be sudden onset of OCD, anxiety, tic disorder, ADHD, ODD, mood swing, Tourette's, phobias, sensory issues, sleep issues, decline in math and reading and handwriting skills, and so much more.. PANDAS/PANS isn't really rare but it is rarely Dx due to lack of knowledge and awareness It's time to spread the word bring awareness to parents and Doctors so these children suffering from this gets the correct Dx and treatment for the cause of their symptoms.. 10/9/14

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