Thursday, October 09, 2014

Mr Man's story

In Sept 2011 Mr Man went to bed a heathy happy 11 year old boy.. When he woke up he had extreme anxiety, OCD intrusive thoughts, and tic, Tourette syndrome like movements.. AND Strep Throat.. Antibiotic was not enough to stop the symptoms, Mr man needed IVIG,a blood product administered intravenously.. It contains the pool polyvalent, IgG antibodies extracted from the plasma if over one thousand blood donors ..IVIG sort if shuts down the immune system and allows the donor antibo...dies to take over.. So that His antibodies are not misfiring and attacking his brain...only due to lack if awareness and studies insurance companies do not have to cover this important but highly expensive treatment that alot of PANDAS kids so desperately need.. We are in the middle if this battle right now trying to get it approved while Mr Man is suffering with symptoms if PANS being triggered from coming in contact with the Coxsackie virus aka Hand Foot & Mouth.. Now is the time to spread awareness 10/9/14 PANDAS/PANS awareness day#PANDASawareness

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Connie Brannen said...

I am considering contacting Dr. k for my 14-year-old son's possible pandas symptoms. I noticed your son has had 4 ivigs; are they helping? How many will it take for him to be cured?