Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Still trying to get BCH to see the light.

Still trying to get BCH to see the light about PANDAS/PANS after sending links to every website I could think of I decided to start putting faces to the disorder..  Posted this today on their facebook Page..  You all would know this girl as my younger daughter Sweet Pea(the pic was taken last Thursday Oct 4, 2012)

This is my Daughter.. In January 2013 she will be 11 years old. When she was 7 years old PANDAS changed her life.. If I would have taken her to BCH I fear They would have placed her in a locked  psych ward and would have drugged her up on Psych drugs that would have done my daughter more harm then already was done. They would have let her symptoms get worse by not treating the problem, she never would have healed. She would have had to live her life every day with OCD, fears, high anxiety, sensory issues and an eating disorder... all because they want to close their eyes to the fact that PANDAS is real and it is caused by infections that can be treated with antibiotics. With antibiotic treatment my little girl is able to live her life... Unlike the children who go to this hospital for help and end up being ripped from their families and kept away from the treatment they so desperately need.
BCH Please PLEASE please.. educate yourself on PANDAS and the real treatment that has helped so many children with this disorder.. Don't let anymore children suffer at your hand with the wrong treatment.. Please stand by your statement "Till Every Child is Well" Learn and offer the correct treatment for PANDAS/PANS
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