Wednesday, October 03, 2012

A promise to my blog

My poor poor blog that I never remember to write in anymore.. I'm sorry.. and I am going to make a promise to log into at least once a day and write something even if it's just "no time to post today"    So for today's post. 

Little Man and Sweet Pea are watching home movies.. they were watching one of Sweet Pea's 2nd birthday and I'm helping her open gifts and I was smiling and laughing in it..   Little Man turns around and gives me a upset looks and said "mom you were happy when I wasn't born??" as I'm LOL I said "No dear I didn't find happiness until the doctor placed you in my arms"(ha yeah I'm a smart butt even to my 7 year they stand no chance) He didn't pick up on this and said all sad like "yes you were see you were smiling.. without me" hahahahahahaha.. thank you Little Man for pulling me out of my ticked off mood and back to a Happy mommy because my youngest baby was born :)

I'll explain my ticked off mood in my next blog posting.

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