Monday, December 06, 2010

The twins are 5 months old.

Where has the time gone.. goodness seems like they were just born.. But on Dec 2nd my two favorite twins in the world turned 5 months old.. and I got to go play with them on the Dec 3,2010 while there mommy was working at their big brothers school and their daddy was at work.

Here I am with my little niece and nephew
Then I thought i would spoil them by letting them enjoy the lights of the Christmas tree, So I laid them under it. THEY LOVED IT!!!!

My niece H got hold of the tree and tried to eat it so I had to upset them and move them out from under it.

H was a little tired and I was able to get to to sleep easily after she was asleep I got my nephew C into his cloths for the day.. and continued to play with him..
Only problem is I had hims spoiled and all he wanted was to go back to the tree.
but he soon too was tired and he feel asleep on my chest where he laid for an hour before I had to put him in his crib because I had to go and leave them in Grandma's hands.. but right before I left H woke up and she was a happy girl so I was able to get this great shot of her and my mom.

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Lizzie said...

how adorable are these 2!!! And what baby doesn't want to hang out under a Christmas tree? :)